Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sen. Mark Norris being vetted for appointment to federal judgeship

Sen. Mark Norris being vetted for appointment to federal judgeship

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Senate majority leader, Mark Norris, although he has not announced he is running for Governor,  has been flirting with a run.  If nominated for a a federal judgeship, he would most likely welcome the nomination and take himself out of the governor's race.

Earlier this year, State Senator Mark Green, who would have most likely been the favorite of sensible movement conservatives and a formidable candidate, withdrew from entering the governor's race when he was nominated for Secretary of the Army. After controversy arose about a position he had taken opposing men using  girls restrooms and some politically incorrect comments he had made, he withdrew from consideration for Secretary of the Army.  He decided to not get back in the governors race.

The slate of candidates for governor is dwindling even before the race even begins. With Senator Norris and Senator Green out of the race, the remaining candidates are Randy Boyd, a wealthy Knoxville business man who served as Director of Economic and Community Development under Governor Haslam; Bill Lee, a Williamson County businessman, and Senator Mae Beavers.  Both Boyd and Lee would vie for the mainstream establishment Republican vote. Senator Beavers would likely be the favorite of a small but dedicated Tea Party fringe of Joe-Carr-type Republicans.

Other potential candidates who would likely be front runners, if they should run, are U. S. Rep. Diane Black and Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell.  Both have broad name recognition and either would be the instant front runner should they enter the race. Other big-name Republicans once considering running for governor but now assumed not be to running are Senator Bob Corker and Rep. Marsha Blackburn. Blackburn has said she will not be running and will seek reelection to the House of Representatives.

Another person sometimes mentioned as running for governor is Andy Ogles, director of  the Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity. He is not well-known outside the AFP organization but that organization has chapters all across the State.  Ogles credentials are thin, mostly having served as a political organizer and working on the campaign of others.  I had heard Ogles was considering a run for governor months ago, but have heard nothing about him in some months.

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