Saturday, August 26, 2017

Joe Carr considers Republican primary challenge against Sen. Bob Corker

Former State Representative Joe Carr who in 2014 ran against Senator Lamar Alexander in the Republican primary and lost and who in 2016 ran against U.S. Rep. Diane Black and lost is considering a primary challenge to Senator Bob Corker.  Carr is a tea party aligned, pro-Trump Republican who has been critical of Bob Corker's criticism of President Trump.

While Corker may be venerable to a challenger to his right, I seriously doubt that Joe Carr can defeat Bob Corker.  To put it mildly, Joe Carr is a fringe candidate with unorthodox views.  While in the State House he introduced a bill that called for the arrest and criminal prosecution of any Federal agent who attempts to enforce certain Federal gun control laws here in the state of Tennessee.  That would have clearly violated the supremacy clause of the Constitution.  He subscribes to the discredited theory of nullification, he believes the First Amendment does not apply to Muslims and the Second Amendment should allow one to carry a gun onto the private property of another regardless of the desires of the property owner. 

Carr says he will make up his mind about challenging Corker sometime after September 14th. Other people considering a challenge to Corker are Andrew Ogles, state director for the Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity, and State Rep. Andy Holt, R-Dresden. 

For more on this issue see, Joe Carr considers Republican primary challenge against Sen. Bob Corker.

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