Tuesday, September 26, 2017

GOP Chairwoman McDaniel Stands Behind President Trump's Remarks On Standing During The National Anthem

GOP Press Release, Statement of CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: I think the President of the United States, the commander in chief, the person who has to make the decisions as to whether we send our men and women in harm's way, the person who sees the flag draped caskets when they come back to this country has every right to say we should stand for our flag and our national anthem. I can't think of any person who takes that more seriously than the President of the United States and he's done exactly the right thing and I think he speaks for a lot of people across this country. He's not shutting down free speech, of course not. There is free speech. People have the right to do whatever they want from a free speech capacity. But I have the right and the president has to right to say, I disagree with how you’re doing it. This isn’t the right venue.

My Comment:  I totally agree. I am 100% with President Trump in calling out those who dishonor our flag.

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