Sunday, September 17, 2017

Happy Constitution Day

I fear for the future of our Republic. So many people have no concept of our structure of government. They do not understand limited power and checks and balances. They seem oblivious to basic concepts.  It is mostly on the left but also some on the right.  You see this in the opposition to the Electoral College.  People who oppose it do not even know why we have it.  You see this in support for executive orders from a president. Many people both left and right, want policies adopted they support.  They are much more concerned about the policy than that it be adopted by constitutional means.  They think a president should have the power to rule by royal decree. I don't know if ignorance of the constitution and basic civics is worst than in the past, but it certainly seems like it.

The 917 Society has a goal of giving every 8th grader in Tennessee a pocket copy of the Constitution. Please support there effort by making a contribution. Follow this link.

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