Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nashville receives an A- grade on list of best metros for millennials

by Andrew Woo, Data Scientist, Apartment List - In our recent survey of 24,000 renters, 64 percent of renters expressed plans to settle down in a new city. Millennials, aged 18 to 34, move more frequently than older adults, relocating to metros that offer better jobs, more affordable housing and livelier social scenes. In order to identify the best metros for millennials, Apartment List created an index to grade 75 top U.S. metros on jobs, affordability and livability.

Overall, Nashville received an A- grade on our list of best metros for millennials. Here are some highlights you might be interested in: 

  • Nashville ranks #33 out of 75 for its job market, with a millennial unemployment rate of 5.2%
  • Nashville ranks #35 out of 75 for affordability. The median monthly rent is $1124 and 64% of the population can afford the median home
  • Nashville ranks #23 out of 75 for livability, with its highest scores for safety and low crime rates
The full report can be previewed here.

While many metros offer one or two elements important to millennials, few can provide millennials the trifecta of good jobs, reasonable housing costs and high livability ratings.  While large coastal metros, from San Francisco to New York City, offer strong job markets and plenty of entertainment options, affordability concerns make them a poor choice for many millennials.

Inland metros, including Pittsburgh, Provo, and Madison, are some of the best options for millennials, offering millennials more than just affordable housing options. These metros also provide strong job markets and the vibrant social scenes millennials are looking for.

Preview the full report here.

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