Friday, October 27, 2017

Marsha Blackburn on the Uranium One scandal, The Clinton Foundation and Hillary's pay-to-play

From Marsha Blackburn - Many of you contacted my office this week about the news stories on the Uranium One deal and the Clinton Foundation. As part of our oversight work here in the House, my office has been looking into the Clinton Foundation and the appearance of “pay to play” activities and improprieties while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. In 2016, I authored a report outlining my findings, my efforts to have other agencies investigate, and the responses we received from those agencies. With the latest news bringing up more accusations and questions, House committees have opened further investigations into the matter. I support their efforts and will do what I can to get the facts. 

My Comment: The mainstream media can still not get excited about Obama era scandals or any wrongdoing involving Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation but we may be reaching the point to where the establishment media cannot keep sweeping Clinton crimes under the rug and hiding them deep within the newscast.  When it come to revelations of Hillary misconduct, instead of screaming, bold, above-the-fold banner headlines, the press hides the stories as if they were inconsequential.  It looks like the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the misuse of her office as Secretary of State are going to see the light of day, however.  It may not be too late for Hillary to go to jail or at least have her reputation damaged to the point that even the most liberal partisan can no longer hold her in high esteem. I hope Marsha Blackburn and others in Congress will be relentless in pursuing this issue.

The liberal establishment will claim that any focus on Hillary misconduct is a distraction to take the focus off of the alleged Trump campaign-Russian collusion, but the truth matters.  We already know that the source of the allegation of Trump-Russian collusion was allegation in a dossier resulting from Clinton campaign financed opposition research that involved Russian sources. Maybe the real Russian collusion is the Hillary campaigns.   So far, there is no proof of Trump's collusion with the Russians to influence the election but we know that under Clinton's term in office as Secretary of State that Russia was able to get control of 20% of America's uranium and that at the same time $145 million dollars in Russian contributions were made to the Clinton Foundation. 

In addition to the Russian connection there is a lot of other evidence of corruption and misuse of Hillary's office. It appears to me that the Clinton Foundation, which never delivered more than 15% of their donations to the causes they supported, was nothing more than an instrument to facilitate pay-to-play. There should be a full investigation.  The Uranium One deal should be fully investigated as well as the allegation that the Clinton Foundation likely facilitate the distribution of watered down HIV/AID medications in sub-Saharan Africa through its Health Access Initiative. Allegation of Hillary's corruption and misuse of her office should be fully investigated. I am hopeful that the truth comes out. 

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