Friday, October 13, 2017

President Donald J. Trump should resign immediately

President Donald J. Trump should resign immediately if he has any honor or decency or if he cares about our country. He should realize he is unfit for the job of president and an embarrassment to the office. 

He seems to have no core values. He seems to have no political philosophy. He has no coherent policy. He seems to be uninformed of his own policy positions. He seems to not understand the basics of government. He does not have command of the issues. He appears to have contempt for the First Amendment rights of the press or to not understand it. He is inept and reckless and crude and a bully and much too sensitive. He is undisciplined and impulsive and he picks needless fights over unimportant matters. 

He has surrounded himself with some good people but then he undermined them at every turn. He seems to not know the difference between the truth and a lie.  As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may or may not have said, he is a moron.  As Senator Bob Corker recently said, his reckless behavior may be leading the country toward World War III. 

Please Mr. President, do the honorable thing and resign now. 

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  1. how about taking on those senators who campaigned on fixing stuff then ran backward with more excuses. Trump is trying to help us and the senate is stuck on being stupid.

  2. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Friday that President Trump is "systematically" removing hundreds of regulations put in place by the Obama administration.

    "The president has already knocked out some 860 rules and regulations from the Obama administration, and every day we're finding more and more to do. Remember, Obama put in something like 7,000 new rules and regulations just in the last two years he was in office," Mr. Ross said on Fox Business.

    and dumb asses like you want him removed from office????