Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Remember Dan Rather and the fake news hit job on George W. Bush? Rather visits Nashville.

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Dan Rather
The Tennessean reports that Veteran Journalist Rather Visits Nashville During Book Tour, never, of course, mentioning the thing for which I most remember Dan Rather. I am not surprised. The mainstream media has a obvious liberal bias.  It is not very often one finds actual instances of fake news but the bias is revealed by what is not reported, by how much emphasis is given to a story and what is buried and what is conveniently forgotten.

In September 2004, two months before the presidential election, Dan Rather did a story alleging that George W. Bush shirked his duties when he was in the Texas Air National Guard. As it turns out the story was based on forged documents that CBS never verified. When presented with the facts, Dan Rather defended his reporting and CBS for two weeks. He only relented when the evidence became overwhelming. To read accounts of the story follow this link and this link.

Rather than an objective reporter, Dan Rather was a partisan hack with an axe to grind. The George W. Bush hit piece was not the only incident of Dan Rather's advocacy journalism. Now, Dan Rather is being presented as the distinguished elder statesman of journalism and a person to be admired and one whose opinions matter.  Oh, well, what do you expect? I will not be buying his book. 

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