Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The UT budget should be cut $6.8 million

The University of Tennessee announced they would not be participating in the proposed outsourcing of campus maintenance jobs. The plan pushed by Governor Haslam is estimated to have saved the University of Tennessee $6.8 million dollars.  Apparently, UT does not need the money.  The State legislature should cut UT's budget, alumni should withhold funds and the governor should work to replace existing UT trustees with those with a concern for the taxpayers.

UT had already alienated many supporters by pushing a ridiculous diversity program that attempted to institute new made up pronouns to replace "him" and "her" and to make sure that "holiday" parties were not really disguised Christmas parties.  After push back from State legislators, UT returned to a semblance of sanity. 

While I did not expect support for wise use of tax dollars from Democrats, I am disappointed in Republicans who have fought against saving taxpayer's dollars. Sen. Richard Briggs, Republican of Knoxville said,"I'm delighted by the decision. I think it was the right decision for two reasons — it will continue to provide jobs for our state employees without any anxiety over their future, and it was the correct financial decision. The proposal promises to save money, but that's only if everything goes perfectly. If things didn't work out perfectly, it could turn out worse — it's not worth the financial risk." 

The purpose of the university, nor the state of Tennessee, is  to provide government jobs.  Maybe Randy Briggs needs a primary opponent who puts the taxpayers first. To read more n this story follow this link.

Under Haslam's administration, the state has reduced state payroll by 6000 jobs while improving the state's performance in education and industrial recruitment and reducing the unemployment rate to the point that for the first time in State history, all counties have an unemployment rate of less than 5%.  In deciding who I will support for governor, I am seeking someone who will continue the path we are on.  The next governor needs to be one who will persuade UT that they must participate in an effort to make government more lean and efficient.

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