Saturday, December 2, 2017

Clinton rape victim Juanita Broddrick and other Clinton victims speak out

Fox News - For the first time since the 2016 election, several women who have accused Bill Clinton of past sexual misconduct appeared together in public to revive their allegations against the ex-president amid the wave of new harassment claims in Washington.

The three women – Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Leslie Millwee – recounted their accusations against Clinton during a press conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday.

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, the Arkansas attorney general, raped me,” former nursing home administrator Broaddrick said. “And Hillary Clinton tried to silence me. I’m now 74. And it never goes away.” (read more)

My Comment: A wave of allegations of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct is sweeping the country and the list of accused offenders includes everyone from liberal darlings like Al Franken, Matt Lauer, and Garison Keillor, to comedian Louis C.K, to various Hollywood moguls, to business leaders and politicians. The charges vary in severity from a consensual kiss but with some unwelcome tongue action, to being made to feel uncomfortable, to a hand that was placed too low or too high during a photo op, to indecent exposure, to charges of a 30 year old man attempting to seduce a 14 year old girl.

It seems no segment of society or political persuasion is exempt. The most recent wave started with Fox news and the resignation of Roger Ails and Bill O'Riley.  Liberals welcomed the news and spoke of the problem of a corporate culture at Fox.  Now that the charges have landed on liberal news networks and has exposed liberal politicians, liberals can  not be nearly as smug and self-righteous.

There was a wave of revulsion by feminist when candidate Donal Trump was recorded making a comment that he was so rich and powerful that he could "just grab 'em by the pussy." Following that revealing comment, there were several women who came forward accusing Trump of inappropriate sexual conduct.

I agree with those who think Donald Trump is crude and offensive.  What gets me however is that the same people who are repulsed by Donald Trump and think his attitude toward women should disqualify him from pubic office still defend Bill Clinton.  They chose not to believe the allegations. They don't want to even know about the allegations.

While some of the sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior being brought to light should cause public criticism, some people not to be elected to office, some newscasters to lose their jobs, and some politician to resign, Bill Clinton should still be serving time in prison.

The allegations of rape against Bill Clinton are collaborated and believable.  Monica Lewinsky was the least offensive of the Bill Clinton offenses.  In addition to  raping women he destroyed their careers and had them fired when they wouldn't put out. There is a long list of Clinton victims.  Liberals simply do not want to know about Bill Clinton's crimes and don't want to believe them. Anyone who continues to support Bill Clinton and excuse his rape and sexual harassment has no moral authority to condemn President Trump or Roy Moore.

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