Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Nashville Murder Rate Nearing All-Time High

Channel 5 - Statistics from Metro Police show 96 people have been murdered in Metro Nashville this year.  A total of 83 homicides were reported in 2016. The city’s all-time homicide record was 112, back in 1997. (link)

My Comment: It seems that major media never ask the questions I want asked. I would like some context.  Who killed who?  How many of the murders were domestic violence?  How many were victims of Black on Black crime?  How many were drug related?  Where the killer is known, how many were illegal aliens?  I don't know, but inquiring minds would like to know. Just because the murder rate is up may be no reason for individuals to feel less safe, if the murders are acquaintance murders or within a demographic to which you do not belong.  

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