Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mayor Barry uses MLK day as oppornunity to stir racial annimosity and denouce Trump. Shame on Megan Barry.

Instead of using MLK day as an opportunity to promote racial healing and celebrate the accomplishments of Dr. King, Nashville's Mayor Barry used the opportunity to denounce President Trump as a racist.

I am not a fan of Mayor Barry, but there had been several times when she surprised me by her reasonableness.  There have been occasion where she could have taken a hard left position on issues and did not. Also, despite disagreeing with some of her policies I have often thought she was probably a good person.

Perhaps Barry played the stir-racial-animosity card because of her declining support in the Black community.  She has come under criticism by some in the Black community for not taking a harder line in denouncing the police following the police shooting last year of an armed Back man in a James A. Cayce Homes parking lot who resisted police following a routine traffic stop. She has also not endorsed the creation of a Police Citizens Review Board.  Many Black activist are not supportive of Barry's proposed $9 billion mass transit plan, saying it will take away from improved bus service and will promote more gentrification. Perhaps the biggest cause of Mayor Barry's loss of support among members of the Black community is that she proposed converting General Hospital from a hospital to an out-patient clinic. The expensive hospital that requires massive subsidies and cannot fill it's beds is a source of pride in the Black community.

It appears that to get back in the good graces of the Black community, she resorted to stirring  racial animosity. Shame on Megan Barry. For more on the story follow this link.

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