Monday, January 22, 2018

Ten's of thousands march in Washington, Trump addresses the rally and declares Monday “National Sanctity of Life Day.”

Tens of thousands of people marched in Washington D.C. on Friday in favor of the right to life. If you only get your news from a mainstream news source you might have missed it.  One way the liberal media distorts the news is by deciding what is newsworthy.  Causes they support get headlines and front page treatment and causes they do not support go unreported or are reported but hidden.

Friday marked the 45th annual March For Life, which occurs each year on or near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that nationalized legal abortion making it legal in all fifty states.  This year President Donald Trump gave a history-making address by speaking to the crowd gathered on the National Mall by live video from the Rose Garden. In previous past years President Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush addressed the rally by phone call.

At the rally, Trump praised those attending and listed his accomplishments focusing on those that advance the cause of life, pledged to continue to advance the pro-life cause and declared Monday January 23rd as “National Sanctity of Life Day.” He pointed out that the United States was only one of seven countries in a group that includes China and North Korea that allows selective late term abortions. He endorsed the pending "pain-capable bill" which has passed the House but his held up in the Senate.  It would ban abortion for fetuses capable of feeling pain which is at about the twenty-first week of pregnancy. “Today, we focus our attention on the love and protection each person, born and unborn, deserves regardless of disability, gender, appearance, or ethnicity,” he said. 

Donald Trump has done more than any other president to advance the pro-life cause.  He put Neil Gorsuch who is a staunch conservative on the bench, he reinstated a policy called the Mexico City policy that prohibits foreign organizations that receive U.S. funds from providing or recommending abortions, he signed legislation allowing states to deny federal funds to organizations such as Planned Parenthood that provide abortions, and he has created a new office in the Department of Health and Human Services devoted to protecting health-care workers who object to participating in abortion procedures.

I have been very pleased with Trump's pro-life policies. I admit I was skeptical of  candidate Trump's pro-life stance. I thought Trump was an opportunist without values and whose pro-life conversion was politically motivated.  In 1999, he told Meet the Press he was “very pro-choice” and even supported partial-birth abortion. I am pleased to say I was wrong about Trump. His conversion appears genuine and is commitment is solid.

To see Vice President Spence's introduction of the president and President Trump's remarks watch the video; the mainstream press does not consider this newsworthy.

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