Sunday, January 21, 2018

What I learned about the Nashville Women's march as reported by the media.

If you want to know what happened at the Women's March in Nashville, you can read about it in the Tennessean here and here. Be aware however that the reporting is more like celebratory  cheer-leading than news reporting. For WKRN channel 2 news report, which is less propagandistic, click here.  For WSMV channel 4 coverage and video follow this link. For Fox 17 coverage follow this link. You really don't need to watch it or read the articles. Really, they don't tell you much.

All of the media estimate the crowd at 15,000 or more than 15,000. My rule of thumb is that when the press reports a liberal cause drew 15,000, I assume it was really closer to 12,000 or maybe as low as 10,000.  When the press says 15,000 attended a conservative rally, I assume the crowd size is really 18 to 20 thousand.  There may be some reporters with integrity who report accurately, but I don't know which ones they are so I just make my standard adjustment.  I am not sure the liberal estimations are even intentional but the reporters bias may subconsciously lead to over and under reporting.  I also think there is a herd mentality among the press and if one outlet says 15,000 people attended a rally, the next report will accept that and rereport it.  So, the mainstream media reports 15,000 people attended the rally.

Mayor Megan Barry spoke at the rally but the reporting does not say what she said.  The news reports showed normal looking people and smiling moms with pretty children on their shoulders. The people who were interviewed seemed fairly normal and rational, even if I did disagree with their political view.  If it would have been a tea party rally or other conservative gathering, the press would have interviewed an overweight, ill dressed, ignorant person who used poor grammar and said something that indicated they really did not understand the issues, or the media would have found an odd ball fringe extremist to interview. I still thing reading mainstream news is important, you just have to read it critically and read between the lines.  Often the mainstream media does not make up the news they are just selective about what they report in order to create a false impression.

From reading the news reports we learn that one of the reasons for the rally was to protect "reproductive rights," which is the right to kill an unborn child (what they call "the product of conception") right up until the moment of birth. The march was also a protest against sexual assault unless of course the assault is committed by credibly accused rapist Bill Clinton who supports reproductive rights. All of these women who are so outraged about inappropriate actions by men behaving badly seem to still love Bill Clinton. The outrage is very selective.

The march was also against deporting illegal aliens, and it was about  "Black Lives Matter," and about gay rights and civil rights and social justice,  but what I got out of it was that it was a march by people who are still suffering from TURD, Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder. One participant is quoted in the Tennessean article as saying she suffered from  PTSD, President Trump Stress Disorder. I thing TURD and PTSD are the same thing or at least they are closely related. 

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