Saturday, February 24, 2018

My endorsements in the May 1 Nashville election

The most important issue by far on the May 1st ballot is the "tax for tracks: referendum which I will be voting against and which is the only reason I am going to the polls. There are various other races however and these involve candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for various offices. There are no Republicans seeking office. Since Davidson County is an overwhelmingly Democratic county and since the winner of the May 1st primary will not face Republican opposition, whoever wins the Democratic primary has essentially won the office.

Since I am going to the polls to vote against the tax for transit referendum,  I may vote in the Democratic primary to vote for the least offensive Democrat. Since we do not have party registration in Tennessee I am permitted to vote in the Democrat if I so chose. to do so.  If I vote in the Democratic primary, this is for whom I will vote:

Nashville public defender: Rod Williams. I will write in my own name since Martesha Johnson is the only name on the ballot for this position.

Register of deeds: Karen Johnson. The candidates are Richard Exton, Pam Murray, and

Karen Johnson
Councilwoman Karen Johnson. I certainly don't want Pam Murray to get it. She has a checkered past and does not deserve to be elected to any office. I don't know anything about Richard Exton.

Readers of this blog might be surprised that I would vote for Karen Johnson, since I have been so highly critical of her for her attempt to trample property rights and kill an affordable housing project in her district. The reason I am voting for Karen Johnson some might consider "sexist."  I am voting for her, if I vote in the Democratic primary,  because she is so damn pretty!. She should win a beauty contest. She also has a charming personality to match her good looks. Also, while I abhor her stand on property rights, she strikes me as a good and capable person.

Juvenile Court clerk: Undecided, but not Sherry Jones. I am waiting to learn more about the candidates. The candidates are Jeff Crum, Lonnell Matthews Jr., Michael Joyner, Rep. Sherry Jones, Metro school board member Tyese Hunter. At this point, I would probably vote for Matthews simply because he has the most name recognition other than Sherry Jones, and I do not want her to get it.

Sheriff: Daron Hall. I really like Daron Hall and think he is an excellent sheriff. I wish he were a Republican. Even if there was a Republican contender, I would most likely vote for Daron Hall anyway. He deserves to be reelected.

County clerk: Brenda Wynn, probably or not vote.  Wynn has served in this office since 2012 and is running unopposed. She is a likable persona and there have been no scandals in the office, so I will probably vote for her or just skip voting in this race.

Criminal Court clerk: Howard Gentry, I have no complaints against him and he seems like a nice guy. His opponent is not impressive.

Trustee: Charlie Cardwell. He is running unopposed. He has held this office since 1993. He is capable and a very nice person. He was serving in some capacity, Director of Finance I believe it was, back when I served in the Metro Council in the 80"s. I always thought he was a person of integrity and he is likeable. I would support him even if a Republican was running.

Circuit Court clerk: Richard Brooker or not vote in this race or maybe write in my own name. Brooker has served in this office since 1993 and I do not personally know him and have no complaint against him.

Chancery Court judge, Part 2: Undecided. The candidates are  Anne Martin, Joy Sims, Scott Tift. At this point, I don't have an opinion.

Criminal Court judge, Division 2: Angelita Dalton. The candidates are Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton and Joy Smith Kimbrough. At this point in time I would vote for Dalton simply because she was appointed to the position by Bill Haslam and although she is running as a Democrat, I think maybe she is a secret Republican since she was appointed to the beech by a Republican governor. I am open to having my mind changed if I learn more about the candidates.

Anna Escobar
General Sessions judge, Division 3:  Ana Escobar.  I do not support official affirmative action polices but when a candidate is a minority and at least as qualified as the other candidates then I think we should give a slight preference to the minority. Except for one council members, I do not believe there are any Hispanics serving in Metro government.

In  this case, Escabar may not only be as qualified as the other contenders, but it appears she may be better qualified. The last two times the Council had the opportunity to fill a judgeship vacancy, they passed over Escobar and gave the position to one of their own. The incumbents is Judge Nick Leonardo and I have nothing negative to say about him, I just think Escobar deserves the seat.

When the Council was elected a person to fill the court vacancy, the name of Ana Escobar was placed in nomination by Councilman Robert Swope. This division of the Court, hears most of the domestic violence cases in Nashville.  When the Council considered who to appoint to the position, Pat Shea, former president and CEO of the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, was among those who urged the council to support Ms Escobar. Ms  Escobar has worked both as a prosecutor of domestic violence cases and as a defender of those accused of the crime. She is an expert and deserves to be elected.

General Sessions, Division 10: Sam Coleman. He is the incumbent and I slightly know him and don't know the others. The candidates are Judge Sam Coleman, Frank Mondelli Sr., Joyce Grimes Safley, and Tillman Payne. Also Sam, Coleman showed up at the Davidson County Republican Party Christmas Party which either shows some nerve or a desire to get himself known among Republicans.

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