Monday, February 5, 2018

No Tax 4 Tracks: How can you do your part?

Nashville's debt load is bigger than ever, and Nashville taxpayers could soon be on the hook for a $9 billion transit plan that won't solve our most pressing transportation needs. 

If we don't fight this proposal... 
  1. Nashville will have the highest sales tax in the Nation, matching Chicago at 10.25%
  2. More than $9 billion taxpayer dollars will be completely wasted on outdated 19th Century Railroads which will be constructed right in the middle of our busiest streets. 
  3. Nashville will be bypassed by the Revolution in New Transit Technologies providing better and cheaper and MORE popular alternatives. 
For all these reasons, we MUST fight this plan.  How can you do your part?
  • Yard Signs - First, get a yard sign for yourself and then ask your Friends, Family and Neighbors to send an email to: Include the street address and we will deliver and set-up a yard sign ASAP. 
  • Invite a speaker to your club or group - Have a group of neighbors or a service club that would like to hear more on the issue? Just let us know at and we can arrange for a NoTax4Tracks speaker to present the case.
  • SHOW YOUR PASSION to friends and family about this very critical issue. Politics can be contentious these days but this is a pocketbook issue which crosses party lines and will affect every family budget in Nashville for decades to come. For a price tag of $9 billion, Metro Nashville is effectively spending over $13,000 per person in Nashville.  And if recent Metro construction projects are any evidence, expect costs to balloon even further (Sounds Stadium exploded to $91 million after Mayor's office budgeted $65 million). We have seen this in many other cities. Even though transit agencies are losing ridership nationwide, their "solution" is ALWAYS higher taxes and a larger staff.
  • Register to VOTE - Make sure you're registered to vote in advance of the May 1 referendum!  You can now easily register online at
We need a comprehensive transportation solution, but we deserve a plan that doesn't take away lanes from our busiest roads, that doesn't significantly add to our tax burden and debt (and could potentially lead to further downgrading of Metro Nashville bond ratings) and isn't relying on nearly $2 billion in federal funds that may not come through. 

Join us in saying no to more taxes, more debt, and a failing transit plan. 

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