Saturday, March 3, 2018

We need a system of "liberal offset credits"

by Rod Williams - We need a system of "liberal offset credits," that sort of act like carbon offset credits. Or, sort of like

the Catholic church of the late 15th Century selling indulgences.

With companies talking about dropping their NRA association,  a lot of people are talking about boycotting companies such as Delta Airlines or Enterprise car rental company.

Due to the flag controversy, when players were "taking a knee" and showing disrespect for the flag and the NFL allowed it to occur, many people talked about boycotting the NFL. Due to their bathroom policy some people refused to shop at Target and lots of people boycott Starbucks; I forget the reason why.

While I admire those who "put their money where their mouth is," if Delta is going where I want to go, at the time I want to go, and  for a good price, I am not going to chose a different airlines that leaves at an inconvenient time and cost more. I am a political person. I stay informed, I sign petitions, I will attend rallies, I share my opinion on social media, I blog, and I give money to candidates and causes. However, I am not going to drive an extra three miles to shop at Lowes when Home Depot is nearby (or maybe it is Home Depot I am supposed to shop at and boycott Lowes, I can't remember). Any way, life is complex enough without evaluating companies and products based on the causes they support, the political opinions of the company owners or to
whom they give discounts.  I will never join AARP, but I am not going to boycott companies that give AARP members a discount. Life it too short to complicate it like that.

However, if a system was in place to where I could buy a credit to support a conservative cause every time I did business with a company that supports a liberal cause, I would buy the offset. Say I fly Delta, maybe I buy a $1 in offsets. When I get to my destination and I buy a cup of Starbuck's overpriced coffee; maybe, 10 cents in offsets.  I then rent an Enterprise car and pay another $1 in offsets. So, $2.10 goes to The Beacon Center (or some other conservative cause) and I did business with liberal companies guilt-free.

What do you think? To eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream would require a $1 a scoop offset.

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