Thursday, August 9, 2018

Acting Vice Mayor Sheri Weiner calls for Chief Anderson to step down

Below is the copy of the statement Councilman Sheri Weiner released today calling on  police chief Anderson to step down. In my view this is premature. I share her concern that a year has passed since the Council funded the purchase of body cams and they are still not in use.  However, I think a more deliberative process should occur before the Vice Mayor calls for the resignation of the Chief.

The facts should be determined and then the major should first be given the opportunity to call for Chief Anderson's resignation if it is warranted.  Also, the Public Safety Committee of the Council should hold hearings to determine why body cams are not yet in use before rushing to judgement.

This appears to be a knee jerk reaction in response to the recent deadly police shooting of a Black man by a White police officer.. Before responding to placate the Black Lives Matter and  affiliated groups, the process of investigation by the District Attorney General should run its course. Even if the investigation shows that the shooting was not justified, that is still not a reflection on Chief Anderson.

Chief Anderson has served this city well. If I have any criticism of him it is that he has been too accommodating to protestors allowing them to shut down city streets and interstates with impunity and serving them lemonade as they break the law.

I do not join Weiner in this call of Anderson's resignation. We should resist the rush to judgement and learn the facts.

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1 comment:

  1. And this is for political gain that she's doing this. Rounding up the black vote for her vice mayor election....Shame on her....Shame. on. her!!!