Monday, August 13, 2018

Please donate and volunteer to stop Democrats from taking Tennesee.

From The Tennessee Republican Party:

Rod --
Tennessee’s Democratic Socialists Party has found a home in Tennessee. The party, whose members are referred to as "converts" who say they've been "radicalized" into socialism, have been welcomed into the Tennessee Democrat Party. That’s right, TNDP Chairwoman Mary Mancini recently announced that there is a place for Socialists in the Tennessee Democrat Party.

"We've got a big tent, and we are open to working with people that share our values," Mary Mancini, Tennessee Democratic Party chair, said. "We may not agree on everything 100 percent, but that's okay." 
Democrats Karl Dean and Phil Bredesen are running around Tennessee claiming to be moderate, but their own donors, supporters and state party are committed to the far left and liberal agenda of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. 
This is what we’re up against, wolves in sheep's clothing, and we NEED YOU to help us stop it. Will you donate or volunteer so that we make sure to elect our conservative Republicans up and down the ballot in November? We cannot do it without you. Support our fight to stop the efforts of Democrats to bring Socialism to America.
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Rod's Comment: I have made a contribution and urge readers of this blog to do so also.  I don't think it will happen but as of now Phil Bredesen leads Marsha Blackburn and in the race for govenor, Lee has only a 5 point lead over Karl Dean.  

While I have been critical from time to time of President Trump, I am pleased with most of his policies, with the exception of his start of a trade war, and I am not so certain that, that may not in fact turn out well. Bredesen was not a bad governor. However, if he is elected he will be voting to give the Democrats control of the Senate. It really doesn't matter how Bredesen votes on any one issue, Democrat control of the Senate means a reversal of the curtailment of Obamacare and most likely an advance toward single-payer health care, loss of future conservative Supreme Court appointees and a reversal of the tax cuts which has resulted in economic growth. The policies advanced under President Trump will be reversed. Much is at stake.

Also, at the State level, should Dean win, we can expect a reversal of the advances made under Governor Haslam and a Democrat win would give Democrats control of redistricting. We cannot afford to lose these elections and they are close.

If you can contribute, please do. Also, volunteer activity can be as important than money. The candidates need people door knocking and phone banking and many other task. Please, if you do not want Tennessee to turn "blue," please put your money and effort into stopping it from happening. Democrats are motivated. We must work hard to keep them from flipping Tennessee.

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