Sunday, September 23, 2018

Scottie Nell Hughes is now a registered foreign agent for Russia

Scottie Nell Hughes
Scottie Nell Huges has taken a job with the Russia Today news network (link). RT is a news organization funded by the Russian government. Everyone has to work somewhere but I find this despicable. I have watched maybe two or three episodes of RT over the years and do not recall it appearing to be overtly propagandist, however the fact that it is funded by the Russian government means it has Russian interest at heart.  I do not see how a patriotic American could work for a propaganda organ of Russia.

Russia may no longer be Communist, but they are authoritarian and aggressive toward their neighbors and attempted to subvert our 2016 election. Their leader would like to put the old Soviet Union back together. She is working for an enemy of the United States. As an employee of RT she has had to register as a "foreign agent" with the Department of Justice. Scottie Nell Huges should not be welcome in polite society.

Hughes began her career as an executive producer on the Steve Gill Show here in Nashville,and then she moved up the ladder and went on to produce various other talk shows. She also served as a columnist for Townhall and some other conservative publications. During the Trump campaign she was on the campaign trail as a Trump surrogate. She eventually landed a job at Fox News but after accusing Fox Business Network host Charles Payn of raping her, she was fired from Fox.

In 2015, she sought the position of Chair of the Tennessee Republican Party (link). As far as I know, I have never met her but she is well-known in Republican circles.

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  1. I am not sure I would consider Russia an enemy. A competitor, surely, just like China, India and Europe. Finance and computer hacking seem to be the weapons of choice these days. We should definitely keep an eye on Russia, they do have a well equipped military, but I am not sure that calling them the enemy is doing us any good.