Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Lonnie Spivak: Phil Bredesen was a good govenor but Marsha Blackburn should be the next senator for the state of Tennessee.

Lonnie Spivak
by Lonny Spivak as posted on Facebook, Oct. 2, 2018 - So you like Phil Bredesen—even though you typically vote for the republican candidate, you’re thinking about pulling the lever, punching the button or casting your vote for ole Phil. I personally like Former Governor Bredesen. I’ve met him on several occasions. Heck, I even had breakfast with him as we sat at the Waffle House high-bar while discussing this election.

As Tennessee Governors go Phil was not the worst governor we’ve had in the state of Tennessee, but there is a HUGE difference in being the chief executive of a state and the state’s representative in the U.S. Senate.

As you know, Tennessee has it’s own constitution which includes a Balanced Budget Amendment. This means that no Governor can present a budget to spend more money than we as a state plans to take in via taxes and fees. As governor, Phil had no choice but to cut spending and kick hundreds of thousands of people of TennCare, in order to balance an upside down budget. In addition, during his term as governor, Tennessee started it’s shift to a “Red State” which now sees republican super majorities in both the state house and senate. But as we all know this is not the case in D.C. as we face a $21 Trillion national debt.

In the senate, Phil can be decidedly more partisan and liberal than he ever could as the chief executive of Tennessee. With six year terms he would be part of the “Resistance” as he voted with Senator Schumer and gang to repeal tax cuts, cut military spending, block judicial nominees, block the border wall and continue the social spending spree driving our national debt even higher.

I first met Congressman Blackburn during the Tennessee Income Tax Debate, when GOP governor Don Sunquist pushed for a state income tax while Marsha served in the State House. Representative Blackburn was one of those champions who fought for everyday Tennesseans and led the charge against the income tax, and was one of the main reasons Tennessee remains a low tax, low debt state.
In Washington, Congressman Blackburn worked to prevent human trafficking. Her legislation kept the internet free. She worked to cut taxes for the middle class and stood strong for the sovereignty and security of Tennessee and the United States.

To me there is a clear choice. Marsha Blackburn should be the next senator for the state of Tennessee and she is clearly the best choice to keep the United States and Tennessee moving on the track of peace and prosperity.

Lonnie Spivak is a conservative political activist and former Republican candidate for congress. 

Rod's Comment: This reflects my thoughts on the matter. I could not say it any better than has Lonnie so I am reposting his Facebook post. Phil Bredesen was a good governor. One may even argue that he governed in a more conservative manner than the Republican governor who preceded him. However, a vote for Bredsen will elect Chuck Schumer as the Senate Majority Leader, Elizabeth Warren as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Diane Feinstein as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

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