Sunday, October 28, 2018

Marsha's Get-out-the-vote rally featuring good music, Marsha, protestors and Senator Lindsey Graham.

Great Country music by Senator Jack Johnson
by Rod Williams, Oct. 28, 2018- An almost capability crowd filled the Ray Stevens nightclub,
Cabaray Showroom, this afternoon for an enthusiastic "Get out the vote" rally for Marsha Blackburn.  Senator Jack Johnson and the Austin Brothers Band warmed up the crowd with hardcore uptempo County Music. I like Jack Johnson's brand of Country featuring the songs Ray Price, Merle Haggard and George Jones. It is always a pleasure to see he and his band perform.

I enjoyed getting to see old friends I seldom get to see and getting to speak to the various Republican candidates  running for other offices. Among the other candidates mingling in the crowd was Jody Ball running for the Fifth Congressional District,  Brent Moody seeking the State House District 56 seat and Judd Cowan seeking the District 50 house seat. Tennessee GOP Chairman Scott Golden recognized them from the stage.
Marsha Blackburn

Introductory remarks were made by Scott Golden and he introduced Marsha Blackburn. Marsha spoke for maybe 20 minutes, but I didn't time it. She spoke about her support for the military, the tax cuts, the booming economy under Trump, the importance of securing the border and the importance of putting constitutionalist jurist on the Supreme Court.

Her speech was interrupted by five different protestors. They, one after the other with intervals in between, interrupted her speech. Early in her speech Marsha called for a moment of silence to honor the memory of those who lost their life in the horrible  mass shooting at a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh.  After the room fell quite, a protester
Protestor interrupts solemn moment of silence
screened out in a loud voice, "Marsha Blackburn is a White supremacist!"

When a protestor would start hollowing out, the room would burst in to shouts of "USA! USA!" and drawn him out and then security would escort him from the building. Most of the protestors allowed security to escort them out with minimal resistance, but one guy put up a fight, swinging his fist and kicking. Security had to wrestle him to the floor and then handcuff him before he could be removed.  I don't know if he was charged with a crime or not.

violent protestor had to be subdued
There was only the five and they did not save a protestor for Senator Graham. I don't understand this type protest.  It does take some courage to go into the camp of the opposition and shout out denunciations of the candidate or proclaim your dessent but I don't know what is the point.  For the people attending the event it makes it more exciting and heightens enthusiasm. It seems to be counterproductive. Especially the screening out during the moment of silence to honor the dead, I don't think helped the cause of the protestors. If I was the conspiracy-minded type, I would think people pay protestors to protest them. Protest of this type does not help the cause of the protestors but helps the cause of what ever it is they are protesting.

Senator Graham was great! He touched on several topics but focused on the Kevanaugh confirmation.
Senator Lindsey Graham
He said the Senate had hit a new low and the "advise and consent" had been replaced with "search and destroy."  He said it used to not be that way. He recounted liberal jurist who had won unanimous or almost unanimous confirmation. He also was critical of the press for not harshly criticizing the Democrats. He said if the situation would have been reversed and Republicans had a serious allegation against a nominee but waited until the last minute to bring it up, the press would have crucified a Republican. He said the only way to bring back a level of normally to the Senate confirmation process it to make Democrats pay at the ballot box. He said Democrats not only need to be defeated but defeated by large margins.

Graham was complementary of Trump and praised his stance toward illegal immigration and the approaching caravan, the tax cut and the booming economy and Trumps handling of foreign affairs. Graham did get in a couple little lighthearted quips at Trump's expense however.  After praising President Trump, paraphrasing, he said, "Trump and I have a lot in common. I like Trump; and, (pausing) Trump likes Trump."  That got a hearty laugh as did this one. In speaking of the Trump nomination of Kavanaugh, Granham praised his qualifications and record and said he is one of the most qualified men in America for the Supreme Court.  He said when he saw the list 25 of potential nominees he was immensely impressed. He said they were all outstanding. Then he said something like this, "I was expecting Judge Judy."  That got a big laugh. He continued, "I'm glad we didn't: TV needs the talent." That got more laughs

This was a fun event and it was an honor and thrill to see Senator Graham up close and in person.

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