Monday, December 17, 2018

A Christmas humor break: Many years ago, before the demise ...

Many years ago, before the demise of the old Soviet empire, there lived a Party member government official in the cold, cold town of Moscow. One winter's eve, as he and his wife set by the fire they discussed going out for the evening. His wife wanted an evening out but Rudolf was tired from persecuting dissidents all day and wanted a quite evening at home with a glass of vodka in front of the fireplace.

His wife said, "Rudolf, we haven't been out in a while. Let's go have some fun."

Rudolf said, "I really don't think we ought to, dear.  It is too cold and anyway, it is starting to snow and we don't won't to get stuck in the snow."

His wife went to the window and peered out and replied, "It's not snowing, It is just a little rain."

Rudolf replied, "Yes it is. Look closely."

His wife replied, "Oh well, that's not really snow. It's just a little rain mixed with a little bit of sleet."

Rudolf replied, "No, it is snowing!"

In a soft pleading voice his wife responded, "That's not really snow. It's just a little rain."

"No, it is not. That is snow,"  he responded. "Rudolf the Red knows rain dear."

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