Sunday, January 20, 2019

Despite the rain a bunch of people took part in the anti-Semitic affiliated liberal women's march yesterday here in Nashville

The Tennessean said nearly a thousand rallied in the anti-Semitic affiliated liberal women's march yesterday here in Nashville.  I don't know how many showed up. When a liberal news organ says a thousand attended a liberal cause I normally take 75% of that number as the number who really attended.  When a liberal news outlet says a thousand attended a conservative rally I normally take 125% as the number who really attended.  That is just my rule of thumb. 

Some reporters may be objective and give accurate estimates but I just assume they do not, not that I think they are necessarily intentionally misrepresenting the numbers but their basis cause them to see the crowds differently. I have been to gatherings where I did a systematic estimate and then read the newspapers estimates the next day and have seen they were way off. 

When the press says "nearly" a thousand attended the march,  I have to adjust my rule of thumb by taking about 90% or 75%.  Anyway, that is still a bunch of people for a rainy day.  It is far fewer than the thousands who flocked to march immediately following the President's election in 2016.  That first march was cathartic for those liberals who were in shock that Hillary didn't get elected.  I guess the shock has worn off and people feel less need to vent. Not that they have warmed to Trump but many have simply accepted the reality that his election really did happen.

Also, the failure to purge anti-Semites from the march has caused some to distance themselves from it.  Female liberal leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz has bolted the March over its ties to antisemitism. I assume her stance and the general distaste for antisemitism kept some people away from the march. Still, I assume the crowd would have been much larger if not for the rain.  At the same time as the liberal women's march was going on the inauguration of Bill Lee was occurring on the other end of Commerce Street. The ceremony was supposed to be outdoors on the Legislative Plaza but had to be moved indoors to the Memorial Auditorium. When I attended an afternoon reception for Governor Lee I talked to several people who planned to attend the inauguration but were unable to do so. The War memorial auditorium filled quickly and many who tried to attend could not. I hate that if rained on the inauguration but pleased in rained on the liberal women's march.  The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust. 

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