Thursday, April 11, 2019

An idea of biological sex

by Rod Williams- Sometimes I see or read things that just strike me as so ridiculous, that I am almost at a loss of words to comment, but I'll try. If there is not much to say about it, I at least want to point out how the "woke" are thinking. The woke and the rest of us live in two different worlds. We don't even speak the same language.

There is a bill advancing in the State legislation that would require the state attorney general to defend school districts' policies on bathroom use based on biological sex. Chris Sander, executive director of Tennessee Equality Project said of the bill:

This bill is still anchored in an idea of biological sex, which is a way of talking in code against trans people. The whole bill, with all its amendments, is still detrimental to the trans community.
Think about "an idea of biological sex."  Is biological sex  just an idea? I don't think so.  I don't think biological sex is just a social construct. I think it is a reality. I don't think biological sex is so fluid, that one gets to choose which sex you are. 

I know there is the rare case of someone who has differences in their sex chromosomes that can make the person not clearly fit into the category of “male” or “female.” There is also the rare intersex person whose bodies don’t fit typical definitions of male and female. That there are these rarities does not make biological sex just "an idea." While there is the rare anomaly, in general if you have a penis you are male and a vaginal makes you female.  If one has the wrong equipment to fit their identity they suffer from gender dysphoria and need help.  Among many today however, this is considered a bigoted and ignorant position.  They view these people as not in need of help but of simply needing acceptance. Some really "woke" parents are not even raising their infants as male or female and waiting until the infant becomes a talking child to inform the parent if it is male or female. 

I shake my head in disbelief.

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