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At-large Council races: Who has the money and where did it come from

* Burkley Allen's totals are based on incomplete data. It is likely higher than the number listed.

Not everyone who have picked up a qualifying petition for a Council-at-large race has appointed a campaign treasurer.  Below is information taken from the financial disclosure of those who have filed reports. These are the only at-large candidates to file financial disclosures. I am not the person in Nashville best connected, so there are many important people whose names I do not know. For more information, visit the Elections Commissions website and view the financial disclosures for yourself at this link.

Burkley Allen
As posted on the Election Commissions website, the report does not contain the report form but only a list of contributors. I have reported this to the Election Commission.  As of now, the total expenditures, total receipts and cash on hand is unknown. Itemized contributions: $89,672
Contributions of interest
  • Friends of Burkley, $22,836
  • Dave Cooley, lobbyist, $250
  • Burkley Allen, $1600
  • Marks Deutschmann, Realtor, $1500
  • Walker Matthews, R. C.Matthews co., $1500 
  • Gayle Ray, $250
  • Hannah Casidy, attorney, $250
  • Bert Matthews, The Matthews Co., $200
  • Charles Howell, IV,  C. A. Howell and Co. $500
  • Gina for Schools, Conexion Americas, $150
  • H. G. Hill Realty PAC, $250
  • Randy Rayburn, Restaurateur, $250
  • Waller Lansden PAC, $1,000
  • I. C. Thomason PAC, $1,000
  • Charles Robert Bone, attorney, $500
  • She received a lot of money from medical doctors and others in the medical field.

Fabian Bedne
Total money raised was $39,083 and expenditures totaled $4,770.
The ending Balance on hand was $3,1313

Contributions of interest:
  • He reports $51078 of unitemized contributions. Contributions of $100 or less do not have to be itemized.
  • Charles Robert Bone, attorney, $500.
  • Gina Pupo-Walker, School Board Member, employed by Conexion Americas,  $250. 
  • Kay Bowers, MDHA board member, Executive Director of New Level Community Development Corporation,  $250.
  • Avi Poster, liberal community activist, $250.
  • Mario Ramos, Immigration Attorney, $250.
  • Will Cheek, III, attorney, $250.
  • William H. Freeman, Freeman Webb real estate, 2016 mayoral candidate, super Democrat Party fundraiser, $1,000.
  • Shirley Zeitln, real estate, $200. 
  • David G. Cooley, pubic relations/lobbyist, $250.
  • Janis Sontany, former state representative, $200.
  • Will Pinkston, Metro School Board member, $250.
  • Tennessee Laborers PAC, $2000.
  • Home Builders PAC,  $500. 
Steve Glover
Total money raised was $8,404; money spent was $379.
The ending balance on hand was $8,025.

Contributions of interest: 
  • Roy Dale, Developer, Dale and Associates, former councilman, $500.
  • Ronnie Hobbs, Hobbs Enterprises, $500.
  • Joe Hobbs, High Note Wine and Spirits, $500.
  • Tom White, attorney,  Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C. $500.
  • Robert Joslin, Jr, Joslin and Son Sign Co. $500. 
  • Doug Pardue, Metro Councilman, $500.
  • Raphaela Keohane, member of the Davidson County Republican Party Executive Committee, $100.
  • Barrett Hobbs, Cumberland Hospitality Group, $500.
  • Beth Harwell, former State Speaker of the House and candidate for governor. $250
  • Ben Cunningham, Tea Party activist, $250.
  • Edward Smith, $1000.
  • Johnny Hobbs,  CEO Jackson Downs Wines & Liquor, $500.
  • Home Builders PAC, $250. 
Gary W. Moore
Total money raised was $20,019; money spent was $3711.
The ending balance on hand was $16,308.

Contributions of interest:
  • Gary W. Moore, $500
    Nashville Firefighters Local 140, $7,800.
  • Amanda McClendon, judge, $250
  • William Freeman, (I assume this is Bill Freeman of Freeman Webb, former candidate for mayor and fund raiser for the Democrat Party*), $250.
  • Gary Moore, Jr, $1000. 
  • Nashville Firemans Credit Union, $200. 
  • Friends of Bo Mitchell, $500.
  • UAW PAC, $500.
  • Dewey Brandstetter, attorney, $250.
  • DRIVE Committee, Washington D. C., $1000.
*Note: On this candidates disclosure form, on most entries the candidate did not list the employer and occupation of the contributor which is required by law.  This makes it difficult to know who is the contributor. 

Zulfat Suara
Total money raised was $57,076. Money spent was $15,373.
The ending balance on hand was $41,703. 

Contributions of interest:
  • unitemzed contribution were $2,626
  • Rahaman Suara, $1600
  • Will Pinkston, School board member, $250
  • Brenda Wynn, Metro Clerk, $250
  • Demetria Kalodimos, $100
  • Gayle Ray, $250
  • Mark Deutschman, broker, Village Real Estate, $100
  • Wade Munday, Executive Director, Tennessee Justice for our Neighbors, $150. 
  • Megan Barry, former mayor, $100.
  • Jose Conzalez, CFO, Conexion Americas, $125
Note: The majority of contributors to this campaign were people with foreign sounding names and I knew very few of them.

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