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In the races for District Council, who has the money and where did it come from (Part 1)

by Rod Williams - Below is information gleamed from an examination of Financial Disclosure forms filed with the Davidson County Election Commission. In listing who contributed to whose campaign, I listed those names that I recognized. I do not know everybody. There are many people in Nashville who are better informed than I about who the movers and shakers and influencers are. To view the campaign disclosures for yourself, follow this link

Those candidates who did not file a report were not required to because they had not appointed a campaign treasures in the first quarter and have not raised or spent money. 

District 1

Johnathan Hall: Amount raised $4251, spent $3063, on hand $1187,

Contributors of interest:
    • Tom White, attorney, $500
    • Rod Dale, developer and former councilman, $1000
    • Nick Leonardo, Judge, $101.
    • Donna Knepper of Springfield, TN gave a aggregate amount of $3801. Candidates are prohibited from receiving over $1600 per campaign from any one person (link). Donna Kneepper's occupation and employer are not listed as required. 
Rudolph Mamula: raised $990, spent $458. Contributors: $980 was candidates own money. District
District 2
Yolanda Hockett: I was unable to review this campaign disclosure. There is a problem with the link on the Easy Campaign Finance website. I have reported this to the Election Commission.
 Kyonzte Toobs: Received only $100  
District 3
Ellie Hudson: Received $11,015, spent $15098
Contributors: Unitemized $1765. I do not recognized any of her contributors. James Hudson, Westley Hudson and Marcella Hudson gave $1500 each and another Hudson gave $400.  

District 5
Charles Flowers: Received $2900, spent $2055. Contributions: unitemized $980. He received four $500 contributions and I do not recognize any of the names. 

Sean Parker: Received $5615, spent $286. Contributors of interest: Hana Ali for State Representative, $250; Candidate received four $500 contributions. I do not recognized the name of any of his contributors except for Hanna Ali.
District 7
Clint Camp: His only receipt is a $1300 from the candidate. nothing spent. 
District 10
Tim Garrett raised $28,247, began with a balance on hand of $1844, spent nothing and has $30,091 on hand.
Contributor of interest:
    • He received $4130 unitemized which means they are contributions of not over $100. 
    • Anthony Holt, Mayor of Sumner County $250
    • Jamie Hollin, attorney, $250
    • Friends of Daron Hall, $250
    • Lee Beaman, auto dealer, $1000.
    • Jack Cawthon, owner Cawthon bar B Q, $250
    • William Freeman, developer, $1500
    • Charlie Tygard, Jr, former Councilman, $200
    • Joe Binkley, Jr. Judge, $150
    • Roy Dale, Developer and former councilman, $500
    • Robert Joslin, Jr, of Joslin Sign, $500
    • Home Bilders PAC, $500 
    • Tom White, attorney, $1000 
Zach Young raised $15,219, spent $832.
Contributors of interest:
  • unitemzised meaning contributions of $100 or less,$4744 Hana Ali for State Representative, $250 Carol Soloman, $125
  • Friends of Bo Mitchell, $500
  • VINCENT DIXIE, TN State Rep. ,$150
  • Madison Rivergate Chamber of Commerce, $125
  • A loan from the candidate, $2500.
District 12
Erin Evans received $13061, spent $2784
  • unitemized contributions 2031
  • Gayle Ray, $104
  • Several of the candidates contributions were from out of state (Florida and Ky and OH) and several were from other cities in Tennessee.
Geric Smith received $900, spent $270

District 13
Russ Bradford,  $0 received

Dan Meridith received $1232, spent $172. Contributors: Candidates own contribution $200, Will Pinkston School Board Member, $242.

District 14
Jeff Syracuse, received $16,533, spent $1160.
    • Ryman PAC, $8100
    • Phil and Judy Clairborn, Phil is the former councilman, $200
    • Joe and Elizabeth Hobbs, $200
    • John Hobbs, $200
    • Bill Beck, $200
District 16
Ginny Welsch received $4140, spent $1092
Contributors: Barbara Clinton, $450, Don Mooradian $50, Several Welsch's contributed to her campaign

District 18
Tom Cash received $1190, spent $851
Contributors: unitemized contributions $1370, Jan Busing $300

John Green. Received $33,324, spent $2485
Contributors ot interest:
  • Tom White attourney $$250
  • Ozburn Hessey, $250
  • Burkley Allen, $100
  • Peter Heidenreich, $200
  • Gordon Bonnyman, Tennessee Justice Center, $150
  • Brenda Sanderson, ower of several Broadway honky tonks, $500.
  • Michele Johnson, Tennessee Justice Center, $500.
  • Mark Deuteshmann, realtor, $1,000.
  • Charles Robert Bone, attourney $500.
  • H. G. Hill Realty PAC, $250
  • Vivian Wilholte, Davidson County Assessor of Property, $100

To be continued. Check back for Part 2.

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