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In the races for District Council, who has the money and where did it come from (Part 2)

by Rod Williams - Below is information gleamed from an examination of Financial Disclosure forms filed with the Davidson County Election Commission. In listing who contributed to whose campaign, I listed those names that I recognized. I do not know everybody. There are many people in Nashville who are better informed than I about who the movers and shakers and influencers are. To view the campaign disclosures for yourself, follow this link
Those candidates who did not file a report were not required to because they had not appointed a campaign treasures in the first quarter and have not raised or spent money.   This is part 2 of this report. To see part 1, follow this link.

District 20

Tori Goddard raised $5,500, spent $1229.
Contributors: Unitemized contributions, which are contributions of $100 or less, comes to $1200; Goddard Construction $1000; Goddard Remodeling $1000; Chris Rampage an investigator with the State of Tennessee $1000; and another Goddard gave $500.

Mary Carolyn Roberts, the incumbent, raised $55,375 and spent $2,118 for a balance on hand of $53,258.
Her receipts include a loan of $10,000 from the candidate.
Contributions of interest:
  • Nick Bailey, attorney, $$250
  • Charles Robert Bone, attorney, $250
  • Roy Dale, developer, $1000.
  • Mark Deutschmann, realtor, $1000.
  • Bill Freeman, fund raiser for Democrats, former candidate for mayor, owner Freeman-Webb, $500.
  • H. G. Hill Realty PAC, $250.
  • Home Builders PAC, $500.
  • John Ingram, Ingram Industries, $1500.
  • Darren Jernigan, State Rep., $300
  • Bobby Joslin, Joslin Sign, $250.
  • Rogers Group, Inc, $1000.
  • Tom White, attorney, $1000.

District 21
Taylor Brandon received $2145 and spent $301. Unitemized contributions came to $1095. Taylor Brandon contributed $250 to his campaign. I do not recognize the names of other contributors.

District 22
Art Allen received $6340 and spent $805. I do not recognized any of his contributors.

Gloria Hausser received $4880 and spent $2663.

Contributors of interest:
  • Bill Freeman, yes The Bill Freeman, $500,
  • Gloria Hausser contributed $1000 to her own campaign.
  • Kay Bowers, MDHA board member and Ex. Dir. of New Level Community Development Corporation $200
  • Burkley Allen, Council person District 18 and candidate for at-large, $100.

District 24
Kathleen Murphy, the incumbent council member, has raised $31,226, spent $1972, for a balance on hand of $29,829.
Contributions of interest:
  • George Armistead $150
  • Bill Beck, State Rep. $750
  • Dewy Brandstetter, attorney, $350
  • John Bridges, writer with Nashville Scene, $250
  • Jack Cathon, Jacks Bar B Q, $500
  • Steward Clifton, former Metro Councilman, attorney, lobbyist, $400
  • Mark Deutschmann, realtor,$500
  • Penny Harrington, attorney, $375
  • Mike Murphy, Murphy Public Relations, father of the candidate, Tennessee State House of Representatives from 1970-1986, $100.
  • Bill Purcell, Former Nashville mayor, $150
  • John Summers, former Metro Councilman, community advocate, $300
  • LIUNA PAC (Laborers International Union of North America) $1000

District 25
Russ Pulley, the incumbent council member, began with a balance on hand of $13,156, raised $19,797, spent $2660 for a balance on hand of $30,293.
Contributions of interest

District 26
Courtney Johnston has loaned her campaign $1000 and has spent no money.

District 28
Tanaka Vercher, the incumbent, has her name listed on the campaign finance web site but there is no campaign finance report on the site.

District 30
Sandra Speluveda began with a balance on hand of $1,653, raised $4,119, spent $2,351 and did not do the math to show current balance on hand, but the reader can figure it out.
The only name I recognized among her contributors is Charles Robert Bone who gave $500.

District 32
Cheryl Mayes raised $6216, spent $4741 for a balance on hand of $1474. Her receipts include a $4000 loan to her campaign.
  • Vignina Pupo-Walker of Conexsion Americas and a School Board member gave $200
  • She had a donation of campaign tee shirts from Surreal Spice Creations valued at $750.
Joyce Neal had a campaign report dated 1/28/19 for the 8/12019 election but did file a report for the First Quarter. That January report showed no money raised or spent. Status of her campaign is unknown.
Joy Styles raised $3,966, spent $1,749 for a balance on hand of $2,217. I do not recognized the names of her contributors. Unitemized contributions come to $1,850.

District 34
Terry Jo Bichell raised $24,961, and spent $1,961. The candidate loaned her campaign $2000 and donated $1600 to her campaign. David Bichell of the same address, maybe her spouse donated $1600.
Contributions of interest:
  • Gini Pupo-Walker, Conexsion Americas, School Board member,  $250.
  • H. G. Hill Realty PAC, $500.
  • The candidate received several out of state contributions, from Florida, Vermont, Atlanta GA, and California.
  • Megan Barry, former mayor of Nashville,  $100.
  • Bryan Simmos of  Maryland, VP of Communications with the Arcus Foundation, $1,600.  Arcus Foundation is dedicated to supporting LGBT Social Justice and Great Apes & Gibbons Conservation.
  • A lot of doctors, lawyers and university professors donated to her campaign. 
  • Charles Robert Bone, Attorney, $500.
District 35
Dave Rosenberg, the incumbent, raised $19,705 and spent $98. He donated $5,000 to his own campaign.
Contributions of interest:
  • Bill Freeman, Former candidate for mayor, major fund raiser for Democrats, Chair of Freeman-Webb, $1,500.
  • James Thompson of Freeman-Webb, $500.
  • Ragan Smith PAC, $1,000.
  • Tom White, Attorney, $250.
  • Home Builders PAC, $500.
  • Waller Lansden PAC, $1,000
  • H. G. Hill PAC, $500
  • Ironworkers Local PAC, $1,500.
  • Jamie Hollin, former Council member, attorney, $750.
  • Powell for Tennessee, $250.

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