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Where are the good candidates? Who has picked up qualifying petitions as of 4-12-19 for mayor and council.

by Rod Williams, 4-13-2019 - Where are the candidates?  Only a few people have picked up qualifying petitions in the last week to run for mayor, vice mayor, or a council seat. I know there are some incumbents intent on seeking reelection but they have not picked up qualifying petitions.  There are no districts where no one has picked up a petition but there are several where only one person has picked up a petition.

One of the districts in which only one person has picked up a petition is District 16. The incumbent Mike Freeman, I understand, is not seeking reelection. Ginny Welsch is a left wing radical and she has picked up a petition. In 2006 she ran an unsuccessful campaign against Jim Cooper. She is probably very comfortable with the socialism of many in today's Democrat Party. She is often seen at left wing protest gatherings advocating the liberal cause of the moment. She has advocated for singled-payer universal health care, a minimum "living wage," and various other liberal causes. She was a founding member of the low-power left-wing radio station Radio Free Nashville.  Please, someone else needs to run for District 16. I would contribute to the cause of anyone to her right, which means almost anyone.

In District 30, Sherry Jones is running. She is a former member of the Council and the State legislature. I would like to see her defeated. I like Lydia Hubbell but question her electability. While she is my preferred candidate at the moment, I will be looking at the other candidates to see who has the best chance of beating Sherry Jones and as long as they are less liberal than she I will be supporting that candidate.

In District 19, I am pleased to see Freddie O'Connell has picked up an opponent. I know nothing about the opponent, but would support almost anyone running against O'Connell.

At this time in the race for council at large,  I plan on voting for Steve Glover, only.  One may vote for up to five candidates but to do so weakens the influence of your vote. You may think of it like this; voting for only one candidate is almost the equivalent of casting five votes for that candidate. I believe Cooper will run for mayor. If he does not and runs for Council then I may vote for both Gover and Cooper despite that weakening the influence of my vote or I may vote for only Glover or only Cooper depending of how they are showing in the polls and some other factors.

If John Cooper runs for mayor, I will be supporting him. If he does not, I will be supporting Carol Swain for mayor.  I like Swain a lot but think it is going to be an up hill climb for her to win.  Unfortunately, Swain is too closely identified as a social conservative Republican. I think Nashville could vote for a moderate Republican who has not had out-spoken views on social issues. Unfortunately, Carol Swain has a record. She is an author and a pundit. Her record as an opinionated scholar will be an  unfortunate hurdle to overcome to be elected mayor in a liberal city like Nashville. In the Council, Cooper has been one of the most vocal advocates for financial policies that make sense. He is smart, grasp the issues and he is articulate.  As far as I am concerned, the state of Metro's finances is the most important issue facing the city.

There are several districts where no one except the incumbent has picked up a petition or where the incumbent has not picked up a petition and only one person has. Please, if you know someone who lives in one of those districts with a liberal council member and no challenger or only one candidate and know the person to be liberal, please run yourself or encourage someone to run.

 Below is the list of those who have picked up qualifying petitions to run for the office of mayor, vice mayor, at-large and district council seats as of Friday, April 12th.  Circled are the names of those I would vote for if these were the only choices and I knew only what I know today, the elections were today and I could vote in that contest.  We know that these will not be the only choices so my selections are very preliminary.  I may be changing my mind, depending on who else gets in the race. Some choices I have not made because I do anticipate someone else to get in the race who I know and who I know I would prefer. The list of those who have picked up qualifying petitions is updated every Friday by the election commission. You can access that list at this link.

One may pick up a qualifying petition up until the deadline for turning in qualifying petitions which is noon May 3rd.  I expect this list to get much longer by then, but surprised it has not gotten longer sooner.  Once a qualifying petition is submitted and the petition is approved, then a candidate may withdraw his name up until noon May 23rd. In that case the name would not appear on the ballot. If a candidate decides not to seek the office after the May 23rd deadline, the candidate's name would still appear on the ballot.

Early voting will began July 12, election day is August 1, and if a runoff is necessary it will be September 12th.

Please look over this list.  It is not too late to run. If you are thinking about running, it does not hurt and it doesn't cost anything to pick up a qualifying petition. If you then find someone else who you could support is running or someone else is too formidable for you to beat is running, you could simply not turn in the petition.

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