Sunday, May 26, 2019

LGBTQ Victory Fund endorces six candidates for Metro Council.

  • Emily Benedict is running in District 7. There are six other candidates running and I do not know anything about any of them.
  • Russ Bradford is running in District 13. I am supporting Dan Meredith who is also seeking that seat.
  • David Murray is running in District 9. There are two other candidates seeking that seat but I don't know anything about them. 
  • Nancy VanReece is the incumbent running for reelection in District 8. Danny Williams is her opponent. 
  • Bret Withers is the incumbent running for reelection in District 6. Unfortunately, he has no opponent. 
  • Zack Young is running in District 10. The other candidate is Tim Garrett.  When I served in the Council in the eighties I served with Tim.  He served several terms in the Council then got elected to the State House and served several terms. He is a Democrat but may be the last sane Democrat left. He is conservative and is a hard working person of integrity with a deep knowledge of Metro government and State government and he has deep roots in Davidson County.

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