Saturday, June 8, 2019

Joshua Parant, candidate for District 19 council seat, disqualified after residency challenge

Joshua Parant, candidate for District 19 council seat, disqualified after residency challenge. This means we are stuck with Freddie O'Connell for four more years.

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  1. Well, I wonder why Joshua Parant thought he could get by with this.

    1. I was helping him with his campaign. He bamboozled me’’

  2. Get away with what? I spoke with Josh Parant and he told me the election commission tried to say the icon wasn’t in district 19 at one point and while he was working out of town, the incumbent who challenged his residency all while saying he was only considering it had an attorney show up in place of him and representing him who even presented evidence that Josh Parant voted and had residency in the district for 8 yrs.

    Also, who was supposedly helping Josh Parant with his campaign bc if you were actually helping him then you could have went to the commission meeting in his defense when he couldn’t be there. He also was spending his own money to run and had little help but him just putting his name out there accomplished one of the things he set out to do and that was stop the selling of our streets. His opponent and the mayor backed off the privatization of our streets immediately after finding out Josh had qualified and entered the race and you can find quotes from them saying they were backing off until after the election.

    What the commission said and acted like was that if you have a month to month lease at some point or don’t own property and choose to protect the privacy of others then you don’t count or matter to them and you don’t have a say about the community you may have lived in for years.

    Also, they only removed his name from the ballot, but he did qualify as a write in candidate. I would message Josh yourself or give him a call and I’m sure he would be happy to talk with you.

    I’m still writing him in.