Monday, July 15, 2019

For voters in Metro Council District 30, Please vote for Lydia Hubbell

by Rod Williams- If I lived in District 30, I would be voting for Lydia Hubbell for Metro Council. She is fiscally conservative, pragmatic, and a good person.  I am posting this special endorsement blog post because Lydia has ran into an unexpected obstacle to her campaign and I want to help her out. She has been placed in Facebook timeout.  While nothing still beats door-to-door campaigning and yard signs, social media has become an important campaign tool.  It is a shame that one's opponents can report you to Facebook and have you banned during a crucial period of the campaign.  It may be after the election before her Facebook privileges are restored. Please repost and defeat her opponents underhanded attempt to silence her voice.  

Time is short but a campaign contribution would help her in these final days of the campaign. Visit her campaign website at

From Lydia Hubbell:
Lydia Hubbell

--If you want someone on the council who is honest, transparent, and responsive.
--If you want someone on the council whose "agenda" is to be the voice of the constituents and promote their best interests.
--If you want someone on the council who is fiscally conservative and hates wasting other people's money even worse than they hate wasting their own, and will vote to raise taxes only when absolutely necessary. 
--If you want someone who is open minded, humble, and looks at issues from all sides before making important decisions. I am NOT a "know it all" and I will change my position when new information is presented that supports a change. And I will share that information freely with my constituents.
--If you want someone who will put the needs of others ahead of their own desires.
--If you want someone who is an outsider, not a "politician". I am probably one of the most "reluctant politicians" EVER. But I stepped up when no other conservative would. We need options, and "conservatives" and "moderates" need to know that I am on the ballot because I wanted them to be able to vote for someone like them. 
--If you want someone who is solution-focused, who looks for common ground and who will compromise when appropriate, and who will communicate with and solicit feedback and ideas from the constituents so that I can involve them in the decision process and keep them informed.
--If you are a Constitution-lover and want someone in office who promotes liberty and justice and the common good.
--If you think it doesn't matter who you vote for. If you think "all politicians are the same"...let me show you how different I am and what a difference I can make that will affect you in a positive way. I am the underdog in this race. I need as many votes I can get to win, and the ambivalent or uninformed voter's vote counts as much as anyone else's. I may not be any better than the other candidates, but I am not any worse.
Why not cast your vote for me?

--If you want to maintain the status quo. I have shown myself to be a warrior for truth, liberty, and justice (not to be confused with "Social Justice Warrior"). I know what we have in place and the way things have been done is hurting a lot of people. It is my intention to promote positive changes and I know it will be an uphill battle, but I don't think anyone will fight harder to right wrongs and find creative and practical solutions to thorny problems than I will.  
--If you think certain individuals or groups need special treatment. I believe we all have the same rights and I support and defend the Constitution. I'm a mother and I know you can't make everybody happy all the time, but I know you can always be fair. We ALL needed to be treated fairly and that is a goal of mine as Councilman. It is a way of life for me as an American.
--If you think "endorsements" of groups and organizations that lobby legislators to promote their interests make a candidate better qualified. I didn't even bother responding to most invitations for "endorsements" after learning that some of these groups pay money after questioning candidates to see which one is most likely to promote their agenda. I would not even want to give the impression that I would pander or curry favor. I promote liberty and justice for all, and don't feel beholden to people who help me get elected, though I am appreciative. 
--If you think Nashville should be a "sanctuary city." I believe "cutting line" is unfair, but I also believe not helping people who are in need is wrong. We live on a very rich earth and there is enough to meet all our needs. We need to do things "decently and in order" because it is the best way to promote the rights and interests of the greatest number of people. I have a heart of compassion. I have suffered hardships and have sought out the help of others. We all need somebody to help us in some way or at some time. I do not think making Nashville a "sanctuary city" is the best way to solve anyone's problems.
--If you want the government taking a bigger role in controlling the way we live our lives.  I like to be free to make my own decisions in my private life. I will defend other people's rights long as they are not exercising them in a way that infringes upon other people's rights.
--If you think "years of experience" in politics and "name recognition" are the most important reasons to vote for someone. I have 53 years of experience in LIFE and decades of preparation to serve others, including serving in public office. I have done my work mostly "behind the scenes" for years. 
--If you think you need a college degree in order to qualify to be a "citizen legislator" or a voice for the people. I value education and I am a "lifelong learner" and I am not ashamed, and I do not feel inferior in any way, because I do not have a college degree. I think “on the job training” is often the most beneficial.
--If you think we need to tear down the "old" to make way for the "new," or that growing "bigger" equals growing "better." I want to find the healthy balance that I know this city needs and can have if the Nashville residents are made the priority they deserve to be.
I appreciate your support and your vote July 12-27, 2019 or on August 1, 2019! Together we can make our great city even greater! 


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