Sunday, July 14, 2019

John Cooper's video interview with the Tennessean

This is an insightful video. Given this format, Cooper has time to explain the shortcoming of Metro's budgetary process and management and why Metro is short of money at a time of economic boom and what needs to be fixed to address this problem. He points out that much of the money generated from tourism, stays in tourism and development and says there needs to be a balancing so that is not the case. He points out that the Music City Centre has wildly surpassing the income it was projected to generated but that  that excess revenue is not available to the city and that the cost associated with our massive downtown growth has exceeded projections, which is a cost that must be absorbed by the city.

He believes Nashville and the surrounding counties can work together to get the state's assistance in addressing our transportation needs as a regional problem and to get State assistance with other issues. Regarding the animosity between "blue" Nashville and "red" Tennessee, he says the mayor needs to "get beyond that" and work to solve problems.

He explains some of the really bad development deals the city has gotten into such as selling the site of the old convention center for only a fraction of what it is worth and the deal that results in the city paying the Ohmi Hotel more money that it collects in taxes from the hotel. He is critical of  MDHA's role in funding luxury condo development. He says some city involvement in downtown has been "strategic" and smart but others have been deals for the sake of doing deals. See the video at about timestamp 16 where he explains some of the really dumb deals the city has entered into. He criticizes deals with companies that bring their workforce with them instead of deals that offer an opportunity for Nashvillians.

See timestamp 19 where Cooper discusses the city's debt. I don't think the general public is aware how drastically in debt we are as a city. He points out that some manipulation has occurred to keep from being reported as "debt" what really is "debt." He points out that Nashville's debt is far greater than that of the whole state of Tennessee. He points out that we have very few audits of the capital spending. He says our spending is out of line with similar spending anywhere else, as an example in square food expenditures for school construction.

This is very informative. I am supporting Cooper for mayor and it is because of his focus on these problems and my belief that is the person who can fix these problems that I am doing so.

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