Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nashville Business Alliance endorses candidates

There are a lot of groups with similar sounding names. The Nashville Business Alliance is not to be confused with The Nashville Business Coalition. The Nashville Business Coalition is a group representing local big business.  This groups made endorsements for mayor and council a couple weeks ago. You can read about that groups endorsements at this link.

The Nashville Business Alliance is designed to promote and advocate for minority- and women-owned businesses. Members of the Alliance include Michael Carter, a co-founder of Pinnacle Construction Partners; Jacky Akbari, board chairwoman of the National Organization for Workforce Diversity; Lee Molette, CEO of Molette Investment Services; Turner Nashe, senior vice president of education services at Innertainment Delivery Systems/Global Tel*Link; and Jerry Maynard, CEO of The Maynard Group.

Like the Nashville Business Coalition, the Nashville Business Alliance also edorsed David Briley for mayor. Other endorsements with the exception of Johnathan Hall and Robert Swope are of the most liberal members running. With a few exceptions, this is a list of for whom not to vote.

 Below is the full list of The Nashville Business Alliance endorsements:

  • MAYOR: David Briley
  • VICE MAYOR: Jim Shulman (incumbent)
  • METRO COUNCIL AT-LARGE: Berkley Allen, Fabian Bedne, Sharon Hurt (incumbent), Bob Mendes (incumbent) and Zulfat Suara
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 1: Johnathan Hall (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 2: Kyonzte Toombs
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 3: Elise Hudson
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 4: Robert Swope (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 5: Charles Flowers
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 7: Emily Benedict 
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 8: Nancy VanReece (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 9: David McMurry
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 10: Zach Young
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 12: Erin Evans
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 13: Russ Bradford
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 15: Jeff Syracuse (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 16: Ginny Welsch
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 17: Colby Sledge (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 19: Freddie O’Connell (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 20: Mary Carolyn Roberts (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 21: Ed Kindall (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 22: Gloria Hausser
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 23: Mina Johnson (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 26: Jeremy Elrod (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 28: Tanaka Vercher (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 29: Delisha Porterfield (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 30: Sandra Sepulveda
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 31: John Rutherford
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 32: Cheryl Mayes OR Joy Styles
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 33: Martez Coleman
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 34: Terry Jo Bichell
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 35: Dave Rosenburg (incumbent)
(For original source information, follow this link.)

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