Thursday, July 11, 2019

Neither Mark Green nor Bill Haslam is running for the US Senate in 2020

Below are The Tennessean stories on this topic:

US Rep. Mark Green says he won't run for US Senate in 2020  
U.S. Rep. Mark Green, a physician and Army veteran who ascended from the Tennessee statehouse to Washington in January, is taking himself out of the running to be Tennessee's next U.S. Senator. ....In many ways, Green's exit from the race comes as a surprise. With a conservative pedigree that includes opposing Medicaid expansion and supporting Trump, he has ascended the political ladder since first entering politics less than a decade ago.

Former Gov. Bill Haslam won't run for US Senate, saying it is not his calling 
 "While I think serving in the United States Senate would be a great privilege and responsibility, I have come to the conclusion that it is not my calling for the next period of my life," Haslam, 60, said in the letter.

BILL HASLAM: Why I am not running for U.S. Senate in 2020 | Opinion

Rod's Comment: I am surprised. I thought both would run. I would have been torn in reaching a decision who to support.  I think Bill Haslam made an excellent governor but I also really like Mark Green.  This leaves in the race, Nashville orthopedic trauma surgeon Manny Sethi and Bill Hagerty, the U.S. ambassador to Japan.



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