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Who is leading in the $ race in Council districts 11-20. Ultra liberal Ginny Welsch leads Tony Tenpenny with help of outside liberal PAC $. Unopposed Freddie O'Connell has $100K!

This is part 2 of my report on how the candidates for Metro Council are stacking up in the fund raising effort for the August 1 election. For part 1, follow this link: Which candidates have the money in the council district races, District 1-10. 

For a report on the fund raising effort of the candidates for at-large see,  Adam Dread, Burkley Allen, Sheri Weiner, Suara Sultat, and Bob Mendes lead in $ raised in Q2. They also have most "on-hand." 

For a report on the mayor's race see, John Cooper raised the most money in the Second Quarter. Briley has the most "on-hand" for the final stretch.

If you would like to view campaign finance reports for yourself follow this link.

District 11: No reports filed. Larry Hager is the incumbent and has no challenger.

District 12
Erin Evan: $4493 raised this quarter. $11,354 on hand. Contributors include Phil Ponder, former Council member and artist, $250;
Code Blue PAC, (California based liberal organization) $1,000
Nashville Business Coalition, $500;

Geric Smith: $5,313 raised this quarter, $1,884 on hand. Contributors include Rod Williams (that's me) $125:
Robert Duval (former council member and chair of Davidson County Republican Party) $100;
Homebuilders PAC, $250
David Fox, former mayoral candidate, $250

He got no major contributions, mostly small amounts from individuals.

District 13, 
Russ Bradford $6799 raised this quarter; $6260 on hand. Contributors include the fire fighters union  $1000;
SEIU, $500;
Code Blue PAC $200;
Friends of Police, $1000:
Tennessee Labor PAC

Andrew Dixon
$5,000 raised, has $973 on hand. $4,000 was a contribution to his own campaign

Dan Meridith:
$1653 raised this quarter and  has 1630 on hand. Contributors include Ed Smith, conservative activist, $971. Dan Meridith is the candidate I am supporting in this race.

District 14: Keven Rhoten is running  for reelection unopposed.  He did not appoint a treasure. No report required.

District 15: Jeff Syracuse is running unopposed. Despite this, he received a campaign contribution of $500 for Code Blue Pac.

District 16
Paul King: $5,649 raised the quarter, $3,970 on hand. No contributors of significance. No big PAC money.

Tony Tenpenny: $9,450 raised this quarter, $6,886 on hand.
Contributors include Friends of the Police, $1.000;
Lisa Dale, self employed, the wife of Roy Dale, $1,000
Nashville firefighters, $1,000
Roy Dale (former councilman, engineer) $1,000

Ginny Welsch: $10,920 raised the quarter, $11,804 on hand.
Contributors include SEIU, $1000;
LiUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) $1,000
WTF (Women for Tennessee's Future) $250

Comment: I am supporting Tony Tenpenny in this race. Ginny Welsch is a far left activist of many years in Nashville.  If elected, she will be the most liberal person to ever serve in the Metro Council. To see who is supporting her, visit her webpage and look at the endorsements. If you can do anything to help Tony, please do.

District 17: Colby Sledge is running for reelection unopposed. He did file a campaign finance report. He has raised $11,163. He got $2,500 from A Better Nashville PAC'

District 18. I am skipping this one for now. To see the campaign finance reports click on the links. I don't have a favorite in this race.
Tom Cash
John Green 

District 19. Freddie O'Connell is running unopposed. He has raised a whopping $36,561 and has $99,097 on hand! That is a lot of money for a district council race for an unopposed candidate. To see his list of contributors follow this link.   With that kind of money O'Connell could donate to and influence other races or have a nice reserve for future higher office.

District 20. I am skipping this one for now. I don't have a favorite in this race. The incumbent is Mary Mary Carolyn Robert. To see the reports, follow the links.
Tori Goddard
Mary Carolyn Roberts

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