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Senate hearings on the 'heartbeat' bill will be Monday Aug. 12 and Tuesday Aug 13.

From Eagle Forum:

We have been waiting for this since April 22. As you may recall the 'heartbeat' bill passed the State House, but, due to some questions about the text, it was sent to a 'day certain' summer study by the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of the legislation session
That Senate hearing will be held on Monday, August 12th at 1:00 pm and Tuesday, August 13 at 9:00 am in Senate Hearing Room 1 in Cordell Hull.

Our good friend, former Senator and now President of Family Action Council, David Fowler helped to rewrite the bill after the state House passed a different version that was constitutionally questionable. He will be testifying during the hearing.

If you care about this issue, and I certainly hope that each of our subscribers does, you will want to contact each of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (see contact information below) and urge them to support this rewritten legislation.  If this bill fails, there won't be another bill like it until at least 2021.

The opposition to this legislation is very strong which is why we must be faithful in PRAYING and ACTING!  Just because Tennessee is considered to be such a 'red, pro-life state' does NOT necessarily mean this bill will get out of committee. That may depend on YOU! 

Groups Call for Christians to Come to the Capitol and Pray During the Heartbeat Bill Summer Study .
As the Summer Study for Tennessee’s Heartbeat Bill approaches, groups are calling for Christians to join in a Prayer March being held on August 12, the first day of the proceedings.
promotional video, created by Life Choices of Memphis and joined by Bott Radio NetworkConservative Christians of Tennessee and the Tennessee Pastors Network, calls on Christian families from all across Tennessee to come to the State Capitol at the start of the Heartbeat Bill Summer Study

ACLU-Tennessee calls on residents to voice opposition in fetal heartbeat bill hearings .
NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN) is calling on Tennesseans to attend a public hearing on the proposed fetal heartbeat bill.
Senate Judiciary Committee
Chairman Mike Bell (R-Riceville)
          (615) 741-1946
Jon Lundberg (R-Bristol),
           (615) 741-5761   

Dawn White (R-Murfreesboro)
             (615) 741-6853

Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma)
               (615) 741-6694

Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga)
     (615) 741-6682

Sara Kyle (D-Memphis)
          (615) 741-4167

Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield)
           (615) 741-4499
Katrina Robinson (D-Memphis)
        (615) 741-2509

John Stevens (R-Huntingdon)
          (615) 741-4576


Monday, August 12
1:00 PM – Cordell Hull Building,
Senate Hearing Room I

(schedule subject to change)
Opening remarks by the Chairman and Committee
Elizabeth Insogna, Office of Legal Services
Adam J. MacLeod, professor of law, Faulkner Univeristy
Nate Kellum, Center for Religious Expression
David Fowler, Family Action Council of Tennessee
CeCe Heil, American Center for Law and Justice
Randy Davis, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board
Jim Bopp, National Right to Life Committee

Tuesday, August 13
8:00 AM – Cordell Hull Building,
Senate Hearing Room I

(schedule subject to change)
David Forte, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Richard Mast, Liberty Council
Jeff Cobble
Dr. Brent Boles
Paul Linton, special council to the Tennessee Right to Life
Heather Shumaker, National Women’s Law Center
Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN
Dr. Nikki Zeit, Planned Parenthood of Tennessee
Tracey George, Planned Parenthood of Tennessee
Jay Hartley, Planned Parenthood of Tennesee
Alan Keyes
Dr. David Stevens, Christian Medical and Dental Association
Hal Rounds
Moe Proctor
June Griffin, Tennessee Committee for the Bill of Rights
Dr. Richard Orland, Beloved Heart
Nancy Corley, Women’s Political Collaborative of Tennessee
Rabbi Laurie Rice, Congregation Micah
Cherisse Scott, SisterReach
Dr. Susan Dodd, Knoxville Reproductive Health Center

Regardless of where you are you can pray and it you can't attend, you can watch the hearing  at this link on the TN Capitol website.

Bobbie Patray

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