Thursday, August 8, 2019

Why I am sending money to Democrat candidates for president.

by Rod Williams - I am sending money to Democrat candidates for president.  I have not switched parties. I am still me. Why am I doing this?  The primary reason is that I want to continue to see a crowded field running in the Democrat primary. If the field is crowded, that makes it harder for Democrats to pick a winner. A crowded field delays the process and that helps Trump.  It keeps Democrats focusing on their own differences. It is also likely to keep the Democrats over on the far left end of the political spectrum as they compete for the Democrat voters on the fringe. In my view, the longer we can keep Democrats talking about The Green New Deal, Medicare for all, abolishing ICE, advocating open borders, free college for all, and reparations, the better it is for Republicans.

For the third set of debates which will be held on September 12 and 13 in Houston, if 10 or fewer candidates qualify, the debate will take place on only one night. It would be advantageous to the Trump campaign if  the debate is held on two nights because fewer people will watch two nights of debates than would watch one night of debates. 

In the third round of debates, candidates will need to poll at least 2% in four polls and acquire donations from 130,000 unique donors. This is a much tougher thresholds than in the earlier debates.

Nine candidates have reached that threshold. They are: former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., Senator Kamala Harris of California, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, former Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont,  Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.  

Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district, and  former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro have met the donor threshold but have not met the polling threshold. Sending money to those who have already met the donor threshold would not help them get in the debate. If a pollster calls me however, I am saying I'm voting for Julian Castro.

There are four others who rank at less than 1% in polling so they are probably a lost cause and I am not going to give money to them. They are: Michael Bennet, Bullock, Bill de Blasio and Swalwell.

So, that leaves these who would benefit by getting a campaign contribution. They are within striking distance of meeting the polling threshold but short on the donor threshold. They are:

  • John Delaney, former United States Representative for Maryland's 6th congressional district.
  • John Hickenlooper, former Governor of Colorado.
  • Tim Ryan, U.S. Representative for Ohio's 13th congressional district
I have sent each of the three a $1 contribution. Really, I sent one dollar. Please do the same. The highlighted names above, link to the candidates campaign web sites.

A reason I don't feel bad about sending a one dollar contribution to a Democrat is that for a one dollar contribution, they will probably waste a lot more than that on soliciting more contributions from me and my name will be sold to liberal causes and for years to come I will be getting solicitations. Some of them will have return envelopes with real stamps on them which I can use for other purposes. My $3 may cost the cause of liberalism $300.

I wish someone like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or one of the big conservative bloggers would advocate this; we could help sabotage the Democrat effort. Anyway, I am doing my small part.

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