Monday, September 2, 2019

Nashville warned to stop the obstruction of Federal immigration enforcement

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I am pleased to see the State pushing back against Metro's policies that make Nashville a defacto Sanctuary City.  If you read the above letter, you will note that the Representatives who signed the letter threaten to withhold State money from Tennessee. Do it! Nashville may have voters who would like to make us San Francisco or Los Angeles or Portland; thankfully the voters of Tennessee do not want to make Tennessee like California.  On this issue and others such as a high minimum wage, inclusionary zoning, outlawing shot-term rentals, the State has had to keep Nashville on a short leash.

Liberals will claim a view such as mine is contrary to my principles. Not so.  The relationship of the Federal government to the State is not analogous to the relationship of the
State to the local government. States have sovereignty; cities do not. The Federal government is restricted by the constitution in what it may impose on states.  Cities are chartered entities subservient to the state.

Tennessee needs to yank Nashville's leash.

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