Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rep. Mark Green: Everywhere Joe Biden goes his son follows and gets millions of dollars

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"Everywhere Joe Biden goes, his son follows and gets millions of dollars from the government.
In the case of China, it's billions. The American people want to know what happened here. The president is right to ask for an investigation."

"Joe Biden admitted to pressuring with a billion-dollar loan threat the government of Ukraine to fire an investigator who maybe was getting a little close to the $3 million payment that went to Biden's son, through two different countries. Maybe they were getting too close and that's why the billion-dollar bribe happened."

"That's O.K. to the Democrat party? Their concept of right and wrong is upside down. Biden is O.K., pressuring a foreign government with a billion-dollar loan to fire an investigator but Trump can't ask for an investigation into this corruption? It's crazy."

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