Sunday, January 26, 2020

Amy Frogge receives national hero treatment for her Nashville anti-school choice role.

Amy Frogge
by Rod Williams - Nashville's leading opponent of school choice, school board member Amy Frogge, is receiving national recognition for her anti-reform efforts and is being treated as a hero.

Diane Ravitch, education historian, education policy analyst, former Assistant Secretary of Education, and author has profiled Amy Frogge in a new book, “Slaying Goliath: The Passionate Resistance to Privatization and the Fight to Save America’s Public Schools.”  The book profiles several people who have, in Ravitch's words, "successfully fought off the people she calls 'Disrupters,'  those who were trying to privatize America’s public education system."

Ravitch's profile of Frogge has been excerpted in Ravitch's blog, and the Washington Post and several other sites. One excerpt reads, "She courageously stood up to the right-wing governor, the legislature, the state commissioner, and Mayor Dean, who were all pushing for more charters in Nashville." That "right-wing governor" Ravitch is referring to is Bill Haslam.

Another except says, "The local newspapers criticized her as “divisive” and “shrill” for taking a stand (these are the words applied to women who speak out but not to men, who are seen as “forceful” and “strong”). The newspapers grew tired of her complaints about the large amounts of outside money that poured into school board races." Those newspapers accused of anti-women bias have to be The Tennessean, The Scene, and maybe some others.  They are not named but to refer to our liberal newspapers as having a anti-women bias and implying a conservative bias is a joke.

I wish Amy Frogge success on the national stage.  Maybe if she is successful she will resign from the School Board and leave Nashville.  To read more of the fawning, distorted, one-sided writing,  follow one of the referenced links above.

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