Monday, March 2, 2020

Please encourage your illegal alien neighbor and your ex-con neighbor on parole to register for the census. Everyone needs to be counted.

Everyone needs to be counted in the census.  One important reason is that if we grow less than other states we may lose U.S House of Representatives representation. Also, for every person counted in the 2020 Census, Nashville gets about $1000 per person.  2020 census data determines the distribution of more than $675 billion in federal funding! 

Getting everyone counted is a big deal. 

Some people, for some reason think that only U. S. citizens should be counted. Not so.  It has never been that way. The census was always a count of all people residing in the country, except for American Indians and they were considered residents of sovereign tribal nations.  

Children who can't vote are counted. Prisoners locked in prison are counted. Before women had the right to vote, they were nevertheless counted in the census. During the era of slavery, slaves were counted, howbeit, they were only counted as 3/5ths a person. It irks me the way people misinterpret this fact as an example of bigotry to say the country considered the Negro less than fully human. It was the slave-owning South who wanted them counted as full people; the anti slavery North did not want them counted at all.  It had nothing to do with who valued them as human beings but had to do with allotting representation.  The North did not think people who were property and had no rights should be counted as people, which would give the Southern states more representatives.  Anyway, I digress. 

Please make sure you register and encourage everyone you know to register for the census.  Some libertarians and anti-government conspiracy-type conservatives think it is none of the governments' business that they exist and pride themselves on avoiding the census.  If you don't get counted you are giving more representation to California.

This is the first time that people can fill out their census forms online, as well as on paper and over the phone.  The census website will go live on March 12.  Libraries will offer public computers and free internet access to help make participation easier. 
Please plan on participating, and please encourage your family and friends and even people you don't like and don't think should even be in this country to do likewise.

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