Thursday, April 30, 2020

Sethi Campaign Releases dishonest attack ad against Haggerty. He should pull that ad.

by Rod Williams - The Sethi campaign has released an ad criticizing Bill Hagerty for getting a $2.5 million loan for his campaign. Here is an excerpt from the ad:

"Millions of American small business people have been praying for their small business loans to be funded, to save their companies, save jobs. But most banks just said 'big companies came first.' By the time we got to you, the money was gone.
So, how, on March 27, did Bill Hagerty get a loan for $2,500,000 to fund his Senate campaign? How did Hagerty prance right up to the front of the line, and get millions?
Well, you see. William Francis Hagerty IV is not a regular guy. He’s entitled, self-dealing. His friends in the ruling class aren’t like you or me. So when Hagerty needed millions, they made sure he got it, ahead of you and me. So, imagine Hagerty’s take if he was a Senator."
This is dishonest non-sense. Bill Hagerty's campaign loan was not competing for the same pool of money as a Care Act small business loan. That Hagerty got a loan for his campaign did not deny a nickel to any small business person who did not get a Cares Act loan.  This is no different than saying someone who got a car loan or a home loan got ahead of you for a Cares Act loan.  This populist appeal is the same kind of little guy vs big guy demagoguery that Democrats engage in all of the time.  It appeals to the worse instincts of people.

I have not made up my mind who I am supporting yet.  I have heard Sethi speak, I have met him and his family and he seems likeable and passionate about pubic service, and I have good friends who are enthusiastic about his campaign, and I like a lot that he has to say, especially on the issue of health care.  However, ads like this are a mark against him. He should stick to issues.  I do think it is fair game to point out a persons corruption or lack of integrity but this ad does not do that, it simply stokes resentment.

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