Sunday, May 10, 2020

Replacing good sidewalk with new sidewalks; no wonder we are broke.

by Rod Williams, 5/10/2020- I walk almost every day to get exercise. Yesterday I saw where the city was replacing sidewalks on South Douglas Avenue between 10th Avenue South and 12th Avenue South.  I have walked this street.  These sidewalk may have had a few cracks but they were certainly serviceable.  This is ridiculous.  We are in a severe financial bind and yet we can afford to do this?  Even if we had plenty of money, rather than replace good sidewalks with new sidewalks, we should be expanding sidewalks to streets without them.

This has been going on for a long time.  We spend millions on sidewalks and yet people without sidewalks don't get them.

For more see;
Perfectly Serviceable Sidewalks being Ripped up and Replaced with New Sidewalks!
 Nashville has allocated $60 million for sidewalks. Only 3.5 miles of new sidewalks!!
Why should it cost $6 million to build a mile of new sidewalk?

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  1. I fought against these unfair uses of funds,beginning in the 60s when i was trying to get sidewalks on Paragon Mills Rd so no children at Paragon Mills School would get killed going to school. Same thing with Crieve Hall School. Every time they told me that those projects were in the pipeline away down the road. I could tell you the rest of the story, many years do you have?