Thursday, June 11, 2020

Cracker Barrel feels racist. What???

Image result for cracker barrel storeby Rod Williams -  Just when you think things can't get any nuttier, they do.  Cracker Barrel, the Lebanon, Tennessee-based restaurant chain, has come under attack because it "feels" racist.  When I first heard of this, I thought it was satire based on the name "Cracker Barrel."  "Cracker," of course is a degragatory slur aimed at people of whiteness. "Craker Barrel" is a nostalgic reference to the barrels that soda crackers were delivered in to retail outlets once upon a time and people would purchase a desired amount sold by weight. Here is an except from a story on this development:

Cracker Barrel is under attack because it ‘feels’ like a racist place, with a racist name.
Business and Politics - First they came for “Cops” and “Gone With The Wind,” and now they appear to be gunning for Cracker Barrel. Sort of.
Amid the Maoist-like cultural revolution currently happening across the states, there seems to be an emerging movement to smear (and eventually possibly cancel) the iconic Southern restaurant chain Cracker Barrel.
It reportedly began with April Reign, the far-left activist reportedly responsible for launching the stunningly racist #OscarsSoWhite hashtag. Responding to a Twitter user who’d asked if people have “ever walk[ed] into a place that just FEELS racist,” Reign responded by citing Cracker Barrel. Look:
Reign, ... provided no tangible, rational, logical evidence as to why she smells Jim Crow when entering a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Nevertheless, her bizarre interpretation of reality spread like wildfire. (continue reading)
Here are some more tweets:

One tweeter wrote, "Why wait to open the door? Those plantation rocking chairs give off the vibe from the porch."

Plantation rocking chairs? I have one. I didn't buy mine at Cracker Barrel but it is the same type. I never referred to it as a "plantation rocking chair." I did not know it was a racist rocker. I don't guess I'm woke.

To be fair, there are a lot more people responding to this silliness saying they have eaten at Craker Barrel and never had a problm and people sayinig the whole thing is just silly, than their are people jumping on the band wagon. 

I hope corporate Cracker Barrel does not come out and grovel to these nuts by apologizing if they have offended anyone by their decor or name and disavow that they are a racist company and pledge to be more sensitive to the sensibilities of their customers of color.

I also hope Freddie O'Connell doesn't hear about this. He will draw up a resolution condeming Cracker Barrel for emiting a vibe that causes people to feel racism.

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