Thursday, June 25, 2020

Good news for Republicans: Democrats to have a virtual political convention.

This is good news for Republicans! 

 A political convention is basically a four day infomercial and pep rally. I don't know how many people switch sides from watching a convention, but it motivates the faithful to get active, knock doors, work the phone banks, give money, work the polls, and it helps turn out the vote. 

 Ever since most states chose to pick there party's nominee by primaries, the main function of the convention has gone away. The last time there was a brokered convention was 1952. Delegates may fight over planks to a party platform, but platforms are mostly irrelevant. Almost no one except a few political junkies read the party platform and it is not binding on the candidate. There is really no need to have a convention, so the Dems can take care of business without one. 

 I have never attended a party convention and sure I would enjoy it if I were to be elected as a delegate and attend. I enjoy the televised convention. I love the rousing speeches, the music, the balloon drop and the confetti. I love the spectacle. I always watch the acceptance speech of the nominee and the acceptance speech of the Vice Presidential nominee and the nominating speeches, and catch some other parts of the convention. I watch the Republican convention, because that is my team and I am part of it. I cheer from my couch. 

I watch the Democratic convention to see if they will boo God and applaud killing babies and see just how "woke" and irresponsible and ridiculous they have become. I watch it to reinforce why I am not a Democrat. 

 I think this decision by the Democrats to not have a convention is great news! The polls may not show Trump leading, but the longer Vandals and Goths, Socialist and Anarchist, and revolutionaries and their woke progressive enablers occupy America's cities, the more public support will tilt towards the adults. With Republicans having a four day pep rally and infomercial and the Dems trying to generate enthusiasm remotely, I think the chances for a Trump reelection victory just improved drastically. This is good news for Republicans. 

The only way this may have been a wise decision for Democrats is if Joe Biden's frailty or suspected demenia has gotten worse and it is less revealed form a recording studio than at a live function. In that case, it may be wise to reduce Biden's public exposure.

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  1. Boo God? Like you're a Christian? Whatever dude. You didn't even vote for Trump.