Monday, June 29, 2020


In case you missed it:

Nick Beres
 NC5, June 26 at 6:31 PM · Shared with Public
BREAKING: HONKY TONK OWNERS IN DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE SUE MAYOR JOHN COOPER AND THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR FOR METRO HEALTH ALONG WITH OTHERS OVER COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. Geoffrey Reid — owner of The Local Spot, Inc. and Steve Smith with Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk and Tootsie’s filed the federal lawsuit. Attorney for the plaintiffs Brian Lewis tells me, in a nutshell, the businesses claim that their constitutional rights have been violated and that Metro’s policy unfairly has cost them millions of dollars. There are several arguments in the lawsuit. One states that bars and restaurants were cited for violating social distancing mandates in Nashville while nothing was done to the thousands of recent protesters in the city who were also in violation. A similar case in New York recently led a court to issue an injunction after churches argued they were not treated the same as the protesters. In Nashville, the lawsuit argues, bars and restaurants are being treated unfairly at the cost of millions of dollars. This lawsuit was just filed. No response yet from Metro. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Rod's comment: The plaintiffs are seeking financial compensation for lost revenue during local and state-mandated Stay-At-Home orders. The lawsuit alleges that the businesses have been specifically targeted by Mayor Cooper and have received unfair treatment in comparison to protestors during recent demonstrations.

The seletive enforement is the thing that most riles me about this. While I would like to see clarrified the legal authority of the city and state to order a lock down, that is not my major concern. Selective enfrocement of law is tyranny.  Rule of law is applying the law equally to everyone.  If 10,000 people can walk down Broadway screaming at the top of their voice and that is permissable, then football games and concerts should be pemissable. We have an order in place restricting out door gatherings to no more than 50 people (I believe it is. I have not reaffirmed that).  If it applies to sporting events and concerts, it should apply to demonstrations.

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