Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I am sick of virtue signaling and having wokeness crammed down my throat.

by Rod Williams -

I am sick of virtue signaling and having wokeness crammed down my throat.

This is what I had to see first thing this morning.  Why?

 I don't use Google because they are politically correct; I use them because they provide a good search engine.

 I am not one to rant against transexuals or homosexuals, although I do think transsexuals probably surfer from a mental disorder and think we should not be normalizing perversity and deviant lifestyles. Seeing two men hold hands does not even upset me. I would rather not see it, but the most it does is make me a little uncomfortable. Seeing two men kiss, sort of disgust me. Seeing two women kiss, I admit however, sort of turns me on. (OK, I am revealing more about me than you need to know.) I am semi tolerant and certainly no prude and have a live and let live attitute toward most things.

 I don't think a Black man confused about his sexuality, dressed as a women, who has modified his body by surgery and hormones to look more feminine, should be harmed in any way or berated or harassed. They should just be ignored. They should be tolerated and maybe even pitied. I just don't think it is something to celebrate and honor, however.  If the Google corporation does think so, why cannot it keep that opinion to itself.

I wish we could end the virtue signaling and self-righteous wokeness proselytizing.

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