Monday, June 22, 2020

Islamist to nuke Nashville July 18th

by Rod Williams - With rioter tearing down statues across America in the name of racial justice of just about anyone ever memorialized in a statue, it seems things can't get any weirder. A statue of Union General and President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant was toppled because apparently rioter for racial justice know so little about history they think Grant was a Confederate general, or maybe they just love destruction.

Here in Nashville they toppled the statue of obscure prohibitionist Edward W. Carmack and in California they toppled the statue of Francis Scott Key, the author of The Star Spangled Banner. Some place they toppled a statue of a prominent abolitionist. If that is not weird enough they vandalized a statue of Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote.” Yep. They did. What he has to do with anything the rioters are mad about I don't know. Weird! Just weird. Equally weird is that otherwise sane sensitive woke liberals don't think it is weird. These are people who get up and go to work every day. They have enough sense to come in out of the rain, but they do not think it weird that rioters are indiscriminate in tearing down of statues.

And then, what about CHAZ? In Seattle, leftist misfits, anarchist and thugs have taken over a part of the city and are calling it an autonomous zone and the police are not responding to calls for help from people who in live in the neighborhood. They are just letting the Vandals and the Goths, the Communist and the anarchist, and the thugs have several square block of the city. You can't make this stuff up. And, liberals excuse them and are understanding.

This of course is on top of other crazy stuff. At a time when people are reeling from the economic impact of the government mandated lock-down, rather than tightening our belt, Nashville raises taxes 34%. I find it weird that most people thank that is OK.

Thousands of people march down Lower Broad, many without mask, and certainly not social distancing and set down in the street screaming revolutionary slogans at the top of their voice as they spray aerosolized spit vapor into the air. No one is arrested. The rules for social gathering are ignored. Yet, inside Kid Rock's honky tonk on Broadway a bartender serves beer at the bar and the establishment loses its beer license and yet starting today we enter phase 3 of the reopening and serving beer at the bar is permitted. Quite frankly I don't care if the protesters risk getting COVID-19. I don't care if they get it.  I tend to think everyone should evaluate the exposure risk for themselves and be free to act accordingly. What I find weird is that normal people can think that the law should apply to Kid Rock's but not the protesters outside of Kid Rock's. I find it weird that people have just accepted selective enforcement. Weird, but it gets weirder still.

Yesterday morning I was talking to my daughter who lives in New Orleans and she said, "Daddy, what is this about Nashville going to get hit by a nuclear bomb?" "What?" I asked. She said Joshua, my son in law, had received something about it on Instagram. He pulled it up on his phone as we talked and it reference a full page ad in The Tennessean on the topic.

I read the on-line version of The Tennessean and had seen nothing about it. I went to the Tennessean website and looked at the e-edition, which is a replica of the print addition and found it. I am posting it below. This has made news all across the county and is being spread on social media.

Now that is weird. Anytime someone starts reading a lot of specific events and names of current political figures into Biblical prophesy, they lose me. It doesn't get any less weird if you go to the website listed in the ad. You can visit the website at this link. Why Islamist are going to nuke Nashville rather than some other city is not explained and how they were able to figure it out from reading between the lines in the Bible is not explained.  When the Bible was written there were no Muslims, or America, or Nashville, or Donald Trump, or nuclear devises so I guess you have to be a pretty damn good Biblical scholor to figure all of that stuff out. Weird.

Now, I would just mark it up to some religious nut and ignore it but it has become a big deal. The Tennessean is engaging in hand-wringing and self-recrimination and are appalled that his could get in their news paper and are investigating "how a paid advertisement from a fringe religious group was published on Sunday in violation of the newspaper’s long-established standards." " The newspaper’s advertising standards clearly forbid hate speech," they write. “No words or actions can describe how sorry we are to the community for the advertisements that were published. We will be utilizing the advertising dollars that went toward the full-page ad placements and donating those funds to the American Muslim Advisory Council.”

The story has been picked up by news outlets all across the country. The Tennessean looks really foolish.  I find it all kind of weird and funny.

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  1. There is a method to establish symbolic meaning in Biblical study. For example, Islam connects itself to Ishmeal as patriarch. Ishmeal is described as a "wild man", which is also the meaning of the name Lamech. The meaning of the name Methuselah can be "missile of attack". Combined with the established concept that dates are marked by the numbers in scripture. The product of the letters in Lamech are 18,720 which can be written July 18 2020. Or you can consider that he was born after 187 years (July 18). 2520 is a key to marking judgement, as found in the seven times in Leviticus 26 (360*7). 7 * 18 * 20, or the age of the prophet Enoch 252 when his grandson was born. All this combined with a lot of other studies is what establishes that it will hit the Parthenon in Nashville.