Saturday, June 6, 2020

Statue of Confederate soldier to be removed from Montgomery Bell Academy campus

Statue of Confederate soldier to be removed from Montgomery Bell Academy campus

Sam Davis Statue at Montgomery Bell Academy – Contemporary Sculpture by Alan LeQuire
by Richard Upchurch - It is hard to know where this popular compulsion to eradicate history or heritage that seems to fall short of current norms of righteousness will take us. There was the Soviet Encyclopedia, where the high commie muckity-mucks in Moscow sent out new pages with minute instructions as to how librarians were required by the all-powerful government to cut out selected pages and paste in new pages reflecting the new current party line.

According to Wikipedia, Montgomery Bell---like many successful entrepreneurs of that day----freed some of his slaves and paid their fare back to Africa. In other words, Bell had been a slave owner, and (like Lincoln himself) could not see how, after emancipation, the former slaves could ever become a part of our national society. Lincoln thought the emancipated black people would have to be sent back to Africa. Or to South America. Maybe progressives will decide an elitist school should not honor a man, who like Lincoln, advocated "repatriation" by retaining his name, and maybe the Progressives will, as they continue to progress and become more and more enlightened---more and more "woke" as they say nowadays---decide that the Lincoln Memorial should for the same reason be demolished or at least re-named and re-purposed, since Lincoln expressed the same ideas and misgivings and doubts as to whether emancipated blacks could or would become a part of normal American society.

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